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  1. They both are either intended to not board or the developers still didn't make up animations for boarding.
  2. Apparently, there is either missing prefab "round_puff_fx_sm" or some of the developers who work on the Character Refreshments made a mistake somewhere
  3. If you are the talking about the camera getting set to default after leaving the boat I think that might be normal.
  4. The problem could be that the Sanity and Enlightenment are actually one meter together. So I guess the fix would be having a separate meter.
  5. I'm not a Klei employee. The file can be found in the following directory "Klei\DoNotStarveTogether" in case you're using the beta "Klei\DoNotStarveTogetherReturnOfThemBeta"
  6. Hey Klei! Upon hitting the closed mast with hammer it forces the mast to play the animation of the mast opened but it's just visual you still have to release it.
  7. Version 0.0.5


    This mod changes up the menu layout to more friendly and font changes too if you want more suggest something! What's New: - Changed Layout - Changed Font - Changed up Login Screen [Version: 0.0.5] Copyright © 2019 Matthew Lengerman Credits: Klei This mod is using modinfo version 2.0.0
  8. Version 1.0.6-M


    A factory what develops printing pods for duplicants has accidentally somehow used printing pod on a printing pod. Uhh that is weird how it ended up in the DST world enjoy it as long as it exists thereSounds will be added in the next update.Sorry but I'm having a hard time finding them
  9. Might have been corrupted save file try rolling back if it helps
  10. May I know at what location in the game do you encounter these performance issues?
  11. As I can read from the log the thing what causes the crash is tigershark_static_layout which according to the log ain't even in the mod files. I recommend using another mod or send me modworldgenmain.lua so I can fix that for you. Also keep in mind that this Forum Category is only for Vanilla DST not modded game
  12. Could you put client_log as embed file?
  13. Have you and your friend tried veryfing the game's cache ?
  14. I once created my own community for DST modding one very cool employee helped me with the name "Klei Dough" then I changed it to "Stof Entertainment" and at the end, I've ended up choosing 

    Taled Community / Stories


    You can find the webpage here



  15. Hey, i've been attempting to compile some animations for DS/T but it turns out that they get broken after compiling for unknown reason im not sure what is the cause might be something within the code i have no idea about please fix it
  16. Hey guys i'd like to inform you that i've been working on remake of mod known as "Menu Pack" as of now the new mod will be called "Menu Remix" which will only include the menus and the music meanwhile the other stuff like "pause music, worldgen, backgrounds, etc" will be included in Menu Stuff to make more space in "Menu Remix" mod for more menus.


    I also wanted to note that for those people what miss the old menu UI that i added feature called "Old Menus" to switch to the old UI it might be renamed to "Toggle MOTD"

    If you have any questions ask them in the comments or however its called :D




  17. Try this for now coconut.lua Put it in data/DLC002/scripts/prefabs Note: I'm not a Klei Developer just a modder what likes to help people