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  1. Klei had reason to not add the Whitebeard cause of the beard you would shave don't think they would want to make another prefab or texture for it
  2. Version 1.0.0


    This mods ports over the good old shopkeeper from Crypt of the Necrodancer As of now he can only sing the shop is being worked on as well as he will be spawned randomly in the world
  3. When the game crashes sent your client_log.txt it should be in Documents/Klei/DoNotStarveTogether
  4. Hello fellow developers of DST i've found a bug i've told Scott about it but ill better post it here to make sure. This bug happens only if you enter and leave credit screen since there is the FEPortalSFX left in the "scripts/screens/creditsscreen.lua" It's located on Line 200
  5. It's getting very cold outside make sure to get your maxxy coat


    1. minespatch


      Is this the image you were talking about?

    2. Clifford W.

      Clifford W.

      Yes custom menu for DST with maxxy

    3. minespatch


      One more X and it's a different game. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  6. Textures can be compiled to .Texbin is however scml converted
  7. I'm asking you to take down this offensive post
  8. My last name is walker so i can walk away from your memes
  9. Nightumuare on the wilsuon strueet Wilson + Winona
  10. Forge might ended but the menu didnt
  11. Klei should add that as april fools lol
  12. that is option too but im not sure how to do that
  13. You dont drag them to the cmd tho read the readme.txt First off you put the anim files into the Input folder then it first removes the Textures and Output files and then it converts the new anim so yea
  14. Ive found out it happens randomly the left mousr and right mouse switches and i have to spam ctrl to reset its pretty annoying
  15. Version 1.0.5


    Hello Guys so i was working on a project which allows you to convert animation to scml with one file it creates scml,textures and back ups the anim in the .zip The Pack Includes Following Things: FMOD Studio,Texmod,Krane Converter,Spriter and some of my old scripts including old throne Folders on Screenshot: Textures - Extracted Textures Input - Put .zip files in here Output - Has the converted scml ready to open with spriter Texmod - Creating of .tex and Viewing it FMOD Studio - Allows to edit audio to make it work with klei games Spriter - Studio for Animating And don't forget about reading ReadMe.txt Newest Version Can be found here Klei Tools.rar
  16. Hello i've been playing The Forge today and discovered something weird that i used Quick Match it gave me to the game with lava and message saying "You have lost connection to the server" and when i go back to menu no music or sfx plays client_log.txt
  17. Hi guys i want to make DST styled art but i dont know how to do such things like faces always weird and how to make the hair wilson styled and also Resolution to use in photoshop and other stuff ill appreciate any Tip even from Klei
  18. Am i the only one who knew that there would be dlc before they announced it ?
  19. I tried that and the result that it didn't found any missing files
  20. Today I discovered bug which disables using mouse and I'm thinking that this is a rare bug
  21. Sometimes when i play and monsters attack me then they basically have no sound which is sad
  22. ok so i was on server and one person left game when he was about to get kicked when the timer was done then nothing happened he could join again for no reason so i would implement that the person what will be kicked cant disconnect from server Here is pic of person disconnecting while voting