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  1. I wonder what will next QoL contain for DST.


    1. beanboy12


      ...please be wolfgang...hes way to overpowered and needs more than a faster hunger drain and a higher sanity loss. hes just been getting boring to play because once you get alot of meaty stews and healing items you become an unstoppable god, and who likes that? there isnt any fun in being immortal

  2. Why does the steam hotfix 437027 say exactly the same as here I guess y'all messed up somewhere
  3. I don't think Walls will be a feature as they were in the game once but they were cut
  4. This looks sick ngl. You can also set it as your profile BG It's animated btw Here is one without vignette
  5. The shape of the portal reminds me of Gorge and Forge portal. Is it portal to next event ? Maybe Only time will tell.
  6. You can use it on yourself if you are Wilson as it changes beard skin
  7. Well the pivot that is used is shared with wickerbottom's hair too so if you move pivot on it you move also wicker's
  8. Could you please attach client log that is found in Documents\Klei\DoNotStarveTogether
  9. That cannot be fixed due to animation limitations. @PeterA can approve that.
  10. Bush Update for my mod and also i forgot to update the dug versions of Grass and Sapling. Enjoy!
  11. As you can see the FireFX is very broken same goes for campfire_fire but i got a solution thanks to @PeterA In that pic i replicated what Peter suggested making two prefabs that use front and back of the firepit so there are two parts then you spawn the BG part then the fire and at the end FG part where you use SetFinalOffset(0) onto the FireFX cause the fire will be still out of the firepit. I recommend changing the symbols for the parts of the built firepit to "coldstones_fg" "coldstones_bg" depending on if its firepit or endothermic firepit.