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  1. 1 minute ago, Notecja said:

    As long ambient music will not be 20 seconds of loop, then why not. Most problem with DST music I have, it just.... a... short... loop, which usually plays like "Did you chopped a stick? Now is a time for work music! Oh, you planted a one tiny seed? FARM MUSIC, ohno spider, fight music, but boss because you have a one chilling treeguard nearby!".

    And most sad are caves and ruins, because not only their loop is super short, but also all same all year...

    It should be long enough to be satisfying like 1-2 minutes

    Not something that would take a lot of space

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  2. @ADM I know you have new music producer and i do believe youre happy with him anyways back to the point.

    It's really about how everyone wants it like cause some people might complain then the way it is there could be several options and i dont know if you agree with me the sound releated stuff should be moved to new Audio tab just like Graphics has its own tab.



    You could have options to make it how long you wanted or if you wanted it to loop and how periodically would it play


    It's so much code and so many options we could have but it would have to be so everyone can make it the way they want it and would love it.

  3. The idea of the ambient music would be two options

    A volume slider like the others called Ambient Music Volume

    and option to either  toggle it on or off


    The music would play at random times or you could change how periodically would it play with the music changing depending on season or the situation if you were in caves near boss or near ruins but would change to the classic Working/Combat/Farming music if the certain action would be done.

    Dynamic Music would be amazing we cannot have studio quality tier music cause we all know how much space that takes and Klei cannot really do that they have to save space but it would be nice addition to have such thing in DST like feature brought from ONI but made with DST-ish soundtrack.


    I'm pretty sure Vince de Véra would love to have more music in the soundtrack.



    I wish it was easy to write the music but its not it really depends on how would it be implemented then the music tracks would scale with that it's best for the devs take notes from our suggestion and tailor the Ambient Music into the game everyone would be satisfied with.


  4. 2 minutes ago, DaZoul said:

    Oh yeah, that mod is pretty sweet, however I did find that it kinda messes with some of the other music. For example I couldn't get the Lunar Island working theme to, uh, work with this mod. Also Crab King's theme is for some reason replaced by the Epic Ruins track. But, I do love the fact you can actually configure the mod making it so the working music plays constantly, except when other tracks should be playing, obviously

    The mod developer mentioned it does not include newer tracks and that its before RoT

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  5. ONI has dynamic music which changes if you open overlay it fades the important instruments and keeps the one that can be heard most.


    Same could be done with DST but it would change depending if you were close to enemy/shadow

    or depending on which season it is.


    It would be cool addition and would surely fill Don't Starve's Soundtrack

    What do you think @ADM about this

  6. If you want to disable the camera angle while Walter is telling stories or you are the one telling them.

    Do following 

    Open your "Documents/Klei/DoNotStarveTogether/youridnumber"

    Open client.ini

    Put campfirestorycamera = false

    in [MISC] category



    To re-enable it simply change false to true or completely remove the line



    Thanks to Scott Hansen for sharing this info.



    Alternatively you can use this mod:


    Untill it gets officialy added to the game it will stay up

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  7. It should be rather dynamic changing depending on situation

    like if you got closer to boss the music would get tenser but thats alot of work for that

    Game really lacks it the only time you hear music is Combat/Working/Farming

    ambient music would give it more feel especially if it were dynamic but thats really matter of time when they add such thing.


    The game just feels a bit meh without it

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  8. On 2/11/2021 at 7:32 PM, sosiskaKi said:

    So now we have 2 versions of loyal skins, like Tragic Torch. Welp, I need a lot of points to get 'em all.

    Well Timeless and Loyal items ain't visible unless you own them.

    and i find Timeless most rare even though the rarest are Proof of Purchase items.

    Timeless is awarded if the item is unobtainable and you own it then it will be Loyal untill the the time it gets re-released again in which case it will turn into Timeless unless it's an Emote as Peter mentioned.

  9. I'm not big fan of the funko pop figures mainly cause the skin codes they include with it give people opportunity to sell the skins on Steam Market for unecessary prices which i do not like.


    if Klei sold the Funko Pop skins in the DST Store seperately if user does not want the figurine then it would be nice otherwise i'm not fan of the current system Redeem'n'Sell for bigger price.

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