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  1. You dont drag them to the cmd tho read the readme.txt :D


    On 13. 11. 2017 at 1:54 PM, JohnWatson said:

    i think this just complicates the process of extracting animations, it's just simply dragging files in command prompt then clickity click job done

    with this, you've to copy the files, paste them in specific folders, run a bat file, copy the output files from a specific folder, paste the output files in your intended output folder, delete the previous unextracted files that you've copied, then run another bat file

    also, the only things that you have even made in this download is the bat files and some nonfunctional lua scripts, the rest of the download are just programs that anybody can download elsewhere (ktools, matt's textools, fmod designer, spriter)

    there's no point in downloading those programs from you since you've made zero changes to them and you won't be able to update them, they just increase the file size of this download, you can even get half of the files in this download just by installing Don't Starve Mod Tools on Steam that come with even more modding tools

    the example lua scripts that you've included also don't seem to be too useful, and i doubt that they even work since you've included a nonfunctional script (your nightmare throne mod)

    i don't really see the point of this

    First off you put the anim files into the Input folder then it first removes the Textures and Output files and then it converts the new anim so yea