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  1. I wonder what will next QoL contain for DST.


    1. beanboy12


      ...please be wolfgang...hes way to overpowered and needs more than a faster hunger drain and a higher sanity loss. hes just been getting boring to play because once you get alot of meaty stews and healing items you become an unstoppable god, and who likes that? there isnt any fun in being immortal

  2. New feature came to Menu Pack!


    Detection of missing mod.

    and also new V2 menu and Walter character menu option20200630101846_1.thumb.jpg.5e9b9eff2fe0bf9e1f0643ad05447704.jpg20200630101842_1.thumb.jpg.03a0149818086986ea9c61f2d20914a1.jpg



  3. I once created my own community for DST modding one very cool employee helped me with the name "Klei Dough" then I changed it to "Stof Entertainment" and at the end, I've ended up choosing 

    Taled Community / Stories


    You can find the webpage here



  4. Hey guys i'd like to inform you that i've been working on remake of mod known as "Menu Pack" as of now the new mod will be called "Menu Remix" which will only include the menus and the music meanwhile the other stuff like "pause music, worldgen, backgrounds, etc" will be included in Menu Stuff to make more space in "Menu Remix" mod for more menus.


    I also wanted to note that for those people what miss the old menu UI that i added feature called "Old Menus" to switch to the old UI it might be renamed to "Toggle MOTD"

    If you have any questions ask them in the comments or however its called :D




  5. 322330_20180708014130_1.thumb.png.5d379320ad4da61552942ddcf75ca29e.png322330_20180708222334_1.thumb.png.a63f5a24623ef6091002519d9a737c3a.pngWorking on "Screecher Together" is rough time


  6. Minespatch once told me to make my own art I didn't listen and it ended up badly after few days I decided to do it and this is how I end up with it 

    i don't think it will bring my friend back


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    2. Clifford W.

      Clifford W.

      i dont like these tutorials they dont help me in nothing

    3. ImDaMisterL


      Have you tried watching them? They give helpful insight on the technics and thought behind the arts in the tutorials, like actual art teachers, but unprofessionally. I'd also recommend Jouste, a Klei artist that streams every Tuesday and gives helpful art tips.

      Art is just that, practice and study

    4. Clifford W.

      Clifford W.

      Well i wanted once dannyb.thumb.png.07f82c650274c7c081317f92ab7163fd.pngto redraw my face like that but i figured out my teeth isnt straight which completely ruined my day

  7. It's getting very cold outside make sure to get your maxxy coat


    1. minespatch


      Is this the image you were talking about?

    2. Clifford W.

      Clifford W.

      Yes custom menu for DST with maxxy

    3. minespatch


      One more X and it's a different game. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  8. I wonder who makes that beatiful avatar art