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  1. In my opinion the game needs rather QoL and Engine updates than these content ones.
  2. I don't really like to spend alot for skins so i rather earn them in a way.
  3. Happy Halloween to y'all! Don't let the Screecher bite you
  4. This bug causes the player to not produce any footsteps
  5. Sometimes on water you can see parts of the biome you are on and what shouldnt be there
  6. The bug causes music that plays when in shop with skins to persist when playing.
  7. I wonder what will next QoL contain for DST.


    1. beanboy12


      ...please be wolfgang...hes way to overpowered and needs more than a faster hunger drain and a higher sanity loss. hes just been getting boring to play because once you get alot of meaty stews and healing items you become an unstoppable god, and who likes that? there isnt any fun in being immortal

  8. Why does the steam hotfix 437027 say exactly the same as here I guess y'all messed up somewhere
  9. Sequence 02_1.mp4 Get Distracted by Wilson
  10. I don't think Walls will be a feature as they were in the game once but they were cut
  11. This looks sick ngl. You can also set it as your profile BG It's animated btw Here is one without vignette
  12. The shape of the portal reminds me of Gorge and Forge portal. Is it portal to next event ? Maybe Only time will tell.
  13. You can use it on yourself if you are Wilson as it changes beard skin
  14. What i think @HeatAndRun want's to say that it is intentional