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  1. So i was playing on a server which was griefed entire Klei server. She put 4 fuelweaver bones to block the portal so no one could move anywhere. the same user also was wicker and wilson at same time so i assume it were some sort of hacks. I'd appreciate if the fuelweaver bones had removed collision cuz this is awful and so erase this person from ever playing this game.
  2. I'm not sure how it works but i don't think the spider nests are supposed to be on boats. I once found server where there were nests on boats maybe cuz they were close to land.but i sonsider it as a bug rather than a feature. @ScottHansen a
  3. Guess when he starts jumping into the bag then he gains the invincibility status. Like with that when you jump into wormhole. Guess the status stays even after he gets frozen.
  4. It cannot be as there is always some delay when it sends data to server and also when you retreive it
  5. That's to be expected non cave server run on your device. but on caves server it's hosted by nearest server to you so such behaviour is to be expected.
  6. That's caused by the Colorcubes (color filter) i belive. Aint it @ScottHansen
  7. Whenever i launch DST the game window is off the screen (i don't have multiple monitors) and i'm unable to drag it
  8. New feature came to Menu Pack!


    Detection of missing mod.

    and also new V2 menu and Walter character menu option20200630101846_1.thumb.jpg.5e9b9eff2fe0bf9e1f0643ad05447704.jpg20200630101842_1.thumb.jpg.03a0149818086986ea9c61f2d20914a1.jpg



  9. if you look into task manager and look at what GPU it uses then it should be NVIDIA
  10. That's normal. Even when you launch DST and check the log it will show your integrated GPU too but it still runs on the dedicated one.