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  1. One thing I'm a bit iffy on is the transformation idols using Monster Meat. I mean, yeah, there's probably going to be another ingredient thematic to each form, but it's one of the most common resources in the game + it just seems kinda out of nowhere for Woodie. Using something like Living Logs or even Moon Rocks seems more thematic for Woodie - and less easy to stockpile(unless the idols don't stack).
  2. Maybe it's an instinct thing; Woodie can't swim, but whatever he turns into can?
  3. I was going to ask for werebeaver skins, but that seems a bit unreasonable now - though I think I'm going to prefer the alternative.
  4. I've noticed that WX-78's cuff sprites("arm_lower_cuff_0" and "arm_lower_cuff_1") tend to... poke through sometimes. They show up in skins that completely replace the arms and hands. They show up in skins that don't even have cuffs. You can even see them poking through behind gloves that have cuffs as part of the hand sprites and not their own designated cuff sprites. I know it's probably asking a lot - especially with more important matters such as the highly-anticipated Return of Them updates to worry about - but it'd be nice to see this little graphics bug sorted out.
  5. If the Accomploshrine is any indicator I doubt achievements are inbound.
  6. After Turn of Tides goes live, will we hear any news about the next update hitting the Beta branch?
  7. Gonna be real here: I don't like this one bit. Sure, it's nice that they've found a way to distribute the retired Twitch items, but really? Artificially inflating Klei's social media presence? If they add point-exclusive that'll be even more egregious; I do not want to be coerced into making social media accounts I have no interest maintaining just to boost Klei's numbers. Honestly, a better "point" system would be to integrate some kind of... I dunno, Twitch Spools? Like, for every however-many hours of watching a drops-enabled stream you'll get a Twitch Spool, which could then be spent in an in-game store stocked with every retired(not live) Twitch item. Icons for 1 or five spools, portraits for 3 or 10 spools, and 5 to 15 spools for the items themselves - depending on Twitch Spool drop rate?
  8. If that really is the Gorge in that promo, maybe he went grey prematurely because of the stress of appeasing the Gnaw? Or maybe he's just been there a while.
  9. As said by Scary Mr. Wagstaff himself.
  10. Oh believe me I've been squinting at that thing >_>
  11. I can't wait for Warly to accidentally kill Wilson with food that's actually been seasoned.
  12. Swimsuits were added with the Willow refresh.
  13. sure, new characters and lore and bosses are exciting and all that, but we all know the real star of the show:
  14. actually... Wiggy's pretty twiggy compared to a lot of the other characters ^^' side thought: it's amazing how there's so much variety there is between the characters' bodytypes despite the limited art style.