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  1. think someone in a Discord server i'm in said you gotta collect "cursed trinkets"
  2. Has anyone figured out how the new Trade Inn minigame works? So far I've named the Kittykit, fed and petted 'em, and watched 'em fall asleep without a way to wake 'em up.
  3. Thanks, all! I put in the code fixes and everything's in working order ^w^
  4. I've subbed and re-subbed, and double-checked to make sure the files aren't still there(they aren't). I've also restarted Steam many times since unsubscribing when the mod started crashing. The errors do still persist in other functional worlds - even clean, unmodded ones(which is what this new log is from). client_log.txt
  5. I've been trying to troubleshoot a mod recently, but it keeps crashing. Normally this wouldn't be an issue(or at least more of an issue than it needed to be), but I'm experiencing a rather odd problem. For some reason DST thinks I'm trying to use the old Tungsten Mod and therefore keeps referencing its numerous errors from being outdated. As anyone who's earnestly tried modding this game knows, fewer errors to sift through means an easier time figuring out what's wrong, so having all this junk code in the way is problematic. The simple thing to do would be to just unsubscribe, right? Well, I've already been unsubscribed for over a year since the mod won't even load anymore. Well, maybe it bugged out while unsubscribing and is still in the mod folder? After manually deleting every mod in both the old and new mod directories and re-installing them in-game my client log still called for the Tungsten Mod. Even after completely uninstalling DST out of desperation the errors still lingered. Has anyone else had to deal with a mod so stubborn it felt like it'd infected your whole game? client_log.txt
  6. Been fiddling with this all day and I just can't get it to work. The calls for the fueltype(first reply) seem to technically work, but are of course useless without adding the fueltype to the prefab(second reply). However, when I try to run the mod with that code in place it borderline crashed my laptop and produced an utterly ridiculous crashlog when I chopped a tree to get logs to test functionality(idk why it keeps referencing the Tungsten mod; I'm not even subscribed to it and I even manually searched both the old and new mod directories just to make sure). client_log.txt
  7. Before I start with good ol trial and error, is this the correct format? GLOBAL.FUELTYPE.FUELTYPE_LOGS = "FUELTYPE_LOGS" inst.components.fueled.fueltype = FUELTYPE.FUELTYPE_LOGS
  8. Does anyone have any idea how to make a structure accept only one specific item as fuel(specifically logs, grass, and rocks)? I've looked into different items' code that use atypical fuels in-game - and the components that make them function the way they do - but couldn't really figure anything out from there.
  9. Can someone with Spools/money confirm or deny whether the new Giblets have unique sounds like the Roostlet did?
  10. I was about to ask what the significance of a 64-bit version of DST was, but it appears I have more pressing matters to attend to...
  11. they didn't want to destroy the ancient archives that they spent so long designing and so retconned it /hj