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  1. A lot of character's ghost's hair is a separate sprite IIRC; you just don't tend to notice because most ghosts don't have such detailed hair(Wilson's, for example).
  2. And different enough from Wheeler's Pewmatic Horn to make her a viable addition later down the road. *wink-wink*
  3. I played as Woodie in a server with minimal mods(Personal Chesters and Global Player Icons). When I transformed into the Weremoose the sprites didn't load in unless attacking, and when I died I didn't turn into a ghost and therefore could not be revived. I figured those two mods couldn't possibly have affected the Weremoose like that and so hosted my own private server with no server mods(still had client mods) and the same thing happened. Just to make sure nothing I had enabled I hosted another private server with no mods whatsoever and experienced the same problem. Even after verifying the integrity of the game files I encountered the same bug. I've provided my client log and screenshots from the final, completely modless server.
  4. Hit the nail right on the head there, bud: because Abigail is spawned from a craftable object, her skins are classified as Belongings.
  5. You auto-equip whichever beard corresponds with your skin of choice if applicable(except for the Snowfallen for some reason), but can switch beards with the Clean Sweeper no mater which skin you have equiped.
  6. So. Beefalo domestication. It's a pretty cool idea: you spend a little time, a lot of resources, and just a bit of heartbreak at times, and you get a cute Beefalo friend to ride and fight with. Sounds cool! But other then when the feature was first introduced you never see anyone actually bother with it; it's just not a practical, worthwhile investment. Perhaps it's time to revisit the concept and mechanics. Below I've detailed a few ideas - both helping and hindering - to spice up the Beefalo experience. A way to name Beefalo(different tendencies and saddles only get you so far). On that note, maybe some different styles of hair for further personalization? Decreasing the obedience cap for the default, rider, and pudgy Beefalo to match the ornery Beefalo to prevent neglect and make actually caring for them more engaging than just leaving them alone with a salt lick. Having a Beefalo's obedience slowly drain while on a boat(large animals generally don't like being confined to small spaces, you know). A Beefalo Trimmer that doesn't produce as much wool as the Razor - 1-2 vs. 3 - but doesn't degrade obedience. A healing item you can feed Beefalo that doesn't run the risk of overfeeding them, but reduces obedience by 30% due to its bitter flavor. A salt snack that simply increases obedience. If a Beefalo's obedience is high enough it will defend the last person who rode it if they are in close enough proximity. New saddles: A cargo saddle with 4-6 inventory slots. Speed increase starts at 40% and decreases with each item slot filled. When depleted it drops all items like a hammered chest. An armored saddle that deceases incoming damage by 75%. Speed increase is 25%. Unlike the other saddles it depletes like normal armor. Fleas that force Beefalo into the shaved state unable to regrow hair and constantly drains their obedience due to the irritation. If left unchecked they'll spread to other Beefalo. Beefalo milk and derivative products/foods from non-domestic Beefalo(I know there's already a mod for that but it wouldn't be the first time Klei's added content similar to a preexisting mod(not that they shouldn't be able to)). Maybe extend this to Volt Goats somehow since killing them for milk is horribly inefficient. If anyone has any ideas or feedback, feel free to share!
  7. That's what they tried to do last year, but they couldn't keep up and had to scale back. People were... vocal with their displeasure so I can understand why they wouldn't want to say anything concrete and risk making the same mistake twice.
  8. If we see Jack people are gonna be heyucking salty. Here I'll wait. Biding my time... Craving the salt...
  9. I've noticed that WX-78's cuff sprites("arm_lower_cuff_0" and "arm_lower_cuff_1") tend to... poke through sometimes. They show up in skins that completely replace the arms and hands. They show up in skins that don't even have cuffs. You can even see them poking through behind gloves that have cuffs as part of the hand sprites and not their own designated cuff sprites. I know it's probably asking a lot - especially with more important matters such as the highly-anticipated Return of Them updates to worry about - but it'd be nice to see this little graphics bug sorted out.
  10. If the Accomploshrine is any indicator I doubt achievements are inbound.
  11. Gonna be real here: I don't like this one bit. Sure, it's nice that they've found a way to distribute the retired Twitch items, but really? Artificially inflating Klei's social media presence? If they add point-exclusive that'll be even more egregious; I do not want to be coerced into making social media accounts I have no interest maintaining just to boost Klei's numbers. Honestly, a better "point" system would be to integrate some kind of... I dunno, Twitch Spools? Like, for every however-many hours of watching a drops-enabled stream you'll get a Twitch Spool, which could then be spent in an in-game store stocked with every retired(not live) Twitch item. Icons for 1 or five spools, portraits for 3 or 10 spools, and 5 to 15 spools for the items themselves - depending on Twitch Spool drop rate?
  12. sure, new characters and lore and bosses are exciting and all that, but we all know the real star of the show:
  13. actually... Wiggy's pretty twiggy compared to a lot of the other characters ^^' side thought: it's amazing how there's so much variety there is between the characters' bodytypes despite the limited art style.