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  1. That's what they tried to do last year, but they couldn't keep up and had to scale back. People were... vocal with their displeasure so I can understand why they wouldn't want to say anything concrete and risk making the same mistake twice.
  2. If we see Jack people are gonna be heyucking salty. Here I'll wait. Biding my time... Craving the salt...
  3. not really; this is the orphanage
  4. Something to make ocean exploration more worthwhile - especially islands - would be awesome. As it stands the only reason you have to go out of your way for are the Moon Isles and the Malbatross. A fun idea they could play with is island gigantism/dwarfism, like giant rabbits that charge at you like the Weremoose, or itty bitty lil koalaphants. Mobs that can go between land and water like Crocodogs, Water Beefalo, and DST Hounds would be cool, too. As for the ocean itself there needs to be more dangers to keep players engaged beyond the occasional sea stack or cookie cutter. Regarding reworks, there's evidence that Wendy is next. Beyond that I think The Big Three are next - with a sprinkle of Walani(and hopefully Wheeler) to follow suit with Warly and Wormwood from last year. Honestly I think Wes, Maxwell, and Wilson will be the last characters to be reworked, as I imagine theirs would be the most drastic and require the most consideration(Wes still needs to be a challenge character for whoever plays him but in a way that isn't a detriment to those around him, Maxwell still needs to be a glass canon, Wilson still needs to be the beginner-friendly face of the game while also having merit on his own besides charm).
  5. So that's rollmops, tamales, stuffing, and pumpkin pie identified so far.
  6. I've noticed that WX-78's cuff sprites("arm_lower_cuff_0" and "arm_lower_cuff_1") tend to... poke through sometimes. They show up in skins that completely replace the arms and hands. They show up in skins that don't even have cuffs. You can even see them poking through behind gloves that have cuffs as part of the hand sprites and not their own designated cuff sprites. I know it's probably asking a lot - especially with more important matters such as the highly-anticipated Return of Them updates to worry about - but it'd be nice to see this little graphics bug sorted out.
  7. If the Accomploshrine is any indicator I doubt achievements are inbound.
  8. Gonna be real here: I don't like this one bit. Sure, it's nice that they've found a way to distribute the retired Twitch items, but really? Artificially inflating Klei's social media presence? If they add point-exclusive that'll be even more egregious; I do not want to be coerced into making social media accounts I have no interest maintaining just to boost Klei's numbers. Honestly, a better "point" system would be to integrate some kind of... I dunno, Twitch Spools? Like, for every however-many hours of watching a drops-enabled stream you'll get a Twitch Spool, which could then be spent in an in-game store stocked with every retired(not live) Twitch item. Icons for 1 or five spools, portraits for 3 or 10 spools, and 5 to 15 spools for the items themselves - depending on Twitch Spool drop rate?
  9. Swimsuits were added with the Willow refresh.
  10. sure, new characters and lore and bosses are exciting and all that, but we all know the real star of the show:
  11. actually... Wiggy's pretty twiggy compared to a lot of the other characters ^^' side thought: it's amazing how there's so much variety there is between the characters' bodytypes despite the limited art style.
  12. at least it's a mostly good instance of everyone flipping their respective tables ^^'
  13. Is that a rhetorical question? hecc you're right he's a chef he made the bun himself
  14. Looking at both Wallace and Woodlegs(specifically their nose shape, presumed age, and questionable dental health)I think a safe assumption would be that Wallace might've been reworked into Woodlegs. Then again, the same could easily be said for Winnie/Wigfrid, but new Winnie assets are added then removed from DST every now and then.