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  1. The Art Wasteland of a faceache

    ring ring ey boss. (he is; halfway through)
  2. Back from the Dead [The Art of some loser]

    Gosh I hope so. Marvin is decent when it comes to that
  3. Well, I'm back from the dead kind of so let me just dump all my recent art here but the rest can be found either on my Dark ask blog ask-deceiverdarkimoo or my art blog tokiartblog. both on tumbumble. I do love how my art can go from this to this.
  4. Back from the Dead [The Art of some loser]

    Man, I've been dead. So let's have this, a side by side:
  5. This is honestly my discord chat towards me using "owo" and "uwu"

    1. minespatch


      You cringe physically when that happens?:wilson_sneaky:

  6. Back from the Dead [The Art of some loser]

    That's one. uwu there's actually just 2 references and a sparkling mango there the second one should be pretty easy woomy
  7. Back from the Dead [The Art of some loser]

    So we have a drawing of me enjoy that? Bonus points if you respond with all the references it's making
  8. Back from the Dead [The Art of some loser]

    Guess who just ordered 50 of these? Also, this is my first time drawing All Might and I think he turned out really darn great! I will be receiving the shipment for these on the 14th and I'll be selling them for $1 a piece! Each sticker is also 2x2 inches!
  9. Back from the Dead [The Art of some loser]

    They're made entirely out of EVA foam cut by my own hands! I got a pattern from another cosplayer on Instagram and I glued the main goggle part together with contact cement and super glue. I then used an elastic strap to make the band around my head. The sides are also additional pieces of foam to give the goggles their side design! It's all spray painted too and has a buckle to connect, tighten, and loosen.
  10. Back from the Dead [The Art of some loser]

    My Eraserhead shots came back and here's my 2 favorites of all of them! Again, taken by the lovely Rhaquel Images
  11. yikes i sliced my finger while cutting EVA foam today-

    It's not like off or anything but that's the first I've hurt myself with my blades? Oh well, that's alright because honestly it was bound to happen.

    I'm currently con crunching! (doing cosplay stuff last minute) Since I have a photoshoot for this convention this Saturday!

    sorry if i'm not active again

    1. minespatch


      Just sad reacting over your fingercut. Hope it's not bad.

      Have fun at the con!:wilson_goodjob:

    2. toki-wartoothxx


      It's all good, I know some basic first aid for stuff like that.

      I'm just kinda shocked it happened though? I might've flinched/had the jitters and my left moved the foam out of the way so my hand cut into itself

  12. Back from the Dead [The Art of some loser]

    This is for Dark, actually! So I made his summon circle really complicated because its supposed to be a sign you're not supposed to summon him.
  13. also guess who got into my hero academia and is stuck to cosplay Eraserhead sometime soon?




    oh and also i haven't gotten to season 3 yet so please don't eat me

    1. minespatch


      Don't worry, we can talk about it when you get there.

      Father's hooked to it.

      Eraserhead's a bae but I like All-might. He's a dork.:wilson_ecstatic:

  14. Back from the Dead [The Art of some loser]

    *insert thinking emoji here* So I had to make a design for a summoning circle for my version of a character and we have this?
  15. Back from the Dead [The Art of some loser]

    Some more old art I did for a friend I don't really associate with anymore, but uh that's my canon for Antisepticeye too so not a total loss
  16. Back from the Dead [The Art of some loser]

    Multiple signatures because art theft is a thing
  17. Currently:


    1. minespatch


      IT's been really that crazy?:wilson_shocked:

    2. toki-wartoothxx


      Nah, just kinda a roller coaster trying to figure out how to stop itself

  18. Back from the Dead [The Art of some loser]

    "you're going down, pinkie!" -probably pink diamond's killer
  19. Back from the Dead [The Art of some loser]

    Photography credit to Rhaquel Images (Instagram here: Here's my Connor cosplay, finalized. I appreciate all the support <3
  20. Back from the Dead [The Art of some loser]

    I started sketching again.
  21. Back from the Dead [The Art of some loser]

    Oof I had no idea- I can't mess up my favorite Yellow giraffe. Plus I had a lot of references on hand.
  22. Back from the Dead [The Art of some loser]

    So I got some work done for once :0 First: I'm selling more chibi badges after 20 years of being on hiatus. I finished the set of Dream Daddy chibi badges! (Any chibi badges purchased helps support my cosplay for Joseph Christensen next April) Next an art trade I did with a fellow cosplayer online. They really like Prince Gumball. Finally, my favorite Diamond. Yellow. I'm excited for Diamond Days because we get more Yellow content.
  23. What I've been doing: dying because of college final projects; I attended a con over the weekend; I also got back into Dream Daddy somehow

    What i'm going to be posting eventually: Detroit Become Human chibi badges, Dream Daddy chibi badges, some but not all my Connor finals.

    If you guys really wanna see my Connor photoshoot stuff, find my cosplay IG because I don't think it would be fair to post them here instead of the platform it's meant to be used.

    (cosplay instagram is glittermango_cosplay)

    1. minespatch


      Sorry I missed out on this status. I hope you're doing okay.

  24. Back from the Dead [The Art of some loser]

    oof man when was the last time I was here. Anyway, happy Thanksgiving and have my favorite demon clown Jevil from Deltarune (which took me a week and a half to beat)