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  1. All my current art stuff is on my Instagram but I can just put the new stuff here since opening a thread and keeping it consistently open is a little difficult for me, which legally I can only put one here since the others are more nakey.


    (Heere we go!)

    All my current art is at including traditional pieces

    1. minespatch


      It's hard to explain to my off-and-on again Boss why Instagram is important.:wilson_cry:

      Oh! Who's the third person in his eyes supposed to represent?

  2. Oh man, I'm like never here- Apologies for that, my good dudes.

    I may be here every now and again (especially since I recently just got a job)

    1. minespatch


      CONGRATS! What's the new job?


  3. The Art Wasteland of a faceache

    ring ring ey boss. (he is; halfway through)
  4. This is honestly my discord chat towards me using "owo" and "uwu"

    1. minespatch


      You cringe physically when that happens?:wilson_sneaky:

  5. yikes i sliced my finger while cutting EVA foam today-

    It's not like off or anything but that's the first I've hurt myself with my blades? Oh well, that's alright because honestly it was bound to happen.

    I'm currently con crunching! (doing cosplay stuff last minute) Since I have a photoshoot for this convention this Saturday!

    sorry if i'm not active again

    1. minespatch


      Just sad reacting over your fingercut. Hope it's not bad.

      Have fun at the con!:wilson_goodjob:

    2. toki-wartoothxx


      It's all good, I know some basic first aid for stuff like that.

      I'm just kinda shocked it happened though? I might've flinched/had the jitters and my left moved the foam out of the way so my hand cut into itself

  6. also guess who got into my hero academia and is stuck to cosplay Eraserhead sometime soon?




    oh and also i haven't gotten to season 3 yet so please don't eat me

    1. minespatch


      Don't worry, we can talk about it when you get there.

      Father's hooked to it.

      Eraserhead's a bae but I like All-might. He's a dork.:wilson_ecstatic:

  7. Currently:


    1. minespatch


      IT's been really that crazy?:wilson_shocked:

    2. toki-wartoothxx


      Nah, just kinda a roller coaster trying to figure out how to stop itself

  8. What I've been doing: dying because of college final projects; I attended a con over the weekend; I also got back into Dream Daddy somehow

    What i'm going to be posting eventually: Detroit Become Human chibi badges, Dream Daddy chibi badges, some but not all my Connor finals.

    If you guys really wanna see my Connor photoshoot stuff, find my cosplay IG because I don't think it would be fair to post them here instead of the platform it's meant to be used.

    (cosplay instagram is glittermango_cosplay)

    1. minespatch


      Sorry I missed out on this status. I hope you're doing okay.

  9. Welp.

    It's November 1st.

    The clock for Christmas Break is ticking.




    1. minespatch


      Christmas clock is ticking faster.

  10. I'm still trying to grasp the fact that it's literally the butt end of October and November and December are already here.

    I swear I just put away the christmas tree not too long ago


    1. minespatch


      Sorry I just saw this. Sounds like things have been rough on your end.

  11. Oi vey.

    I'm ready for December so I can just take a long deserved nap from this semester and year as a whole


  12. kanoo.png.68905616a27d883bca8a4cb6252f224d.png


    am i still into homestuck? 

    Yeah. I still am.

  13. Oh boy oh boy.

    I should make my thread tomorrow but boy do I have the story from my single player experience from DST.

    1. minespatch


      How's the Pearl mod working for you?