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  1. yikes i sliced my finger while cutting EVA foam today-

    It's not like off or anything but that's the first I've hurt myself with my blades? Oh well, that's alright because honestly it was bound to happen.

    I'm currently con crunching! (doing cosplay stuff last minute) Since I have a photoshoot for this convention this Saturday!

    sorry if i'm not active again

    1. minespatch


      Just sad reacting over your fingercut. Hope it's not bad.

      Have fun at the con!:wilson_goodjob:

    2. toki-wartoothxx


      It's all good, I know some basic first aid for stuff like that.

      I'm just kinda shocked it happened though? I might've flinched/had the jitters and my left moved the foam out of the way so my hand cut into itself