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  1. It works well if you place the mast at the edge of the other item's hitbox. So lets say you will place a crock pot that will cover a 3x3 area. Instead of placing the mast dead center place it 1 off from center and then place the crock pot. You will be able to reach the mast still, although only from that corner.
  2. The TUNING.AFFINITY_15_CALORIES_LARGE refers to the tuning file and its setting, so you can't change the 15 to 150 as that isn't where the value is set. Yes that should be all you need to do, but if you wanna show me where you put it I can see about replicating it after work to see what might be wrong.
  3. Bernie is plenty good, I wouldn't change a thing. imo ~ Willow in general is a good target for character power level, where they aren't OP but they definitely have gifts that impact their play style.
  4. One thing that could be a cool QoL would be if you repeat the same task you get gradually a bit faster with it until you do a different task. So if you're chopping trees after like 20-30 chops you start chopping 20% faster. If you're harvesting bushes or berries, or cooking, or crafting same thing. Once you switch tasks it all resets though. Also - console controls (and controller on pc) bindings are horrible. They need an overhaul badly, idk how ppl can play on these. You are not able to move while navigating the crafting or inventory screens or map screen. Most left-right context options are alright, but some need to be reviewed to ensure they are the proper choice. Since there is absolutely ZERO reason to swing your weapon without attacking something it should always target an enemy if one is within a certain range.
  5. Boat, anchor, wheel, 2 sails / lightning rod and light upgrades, science machine, crock pot, sea fishing rod, boat patches, and that's just to get on the water. And yes, 10 days is a long time considering you could have explored the entire perimeter of the map or be clearing the ruins in the same time frame. Not really, you can die either way. But on the water you're risking everything you've built so far where in the ruins you can just res and come back.
  6. Wavey is just one thing. It takes so long to build a boat and get it outfitted with the structures you want so that you can just go live on the boat. Then every new feature just destroys it :\ I get that RoT is still being developed, but I kinda feel the developers are taking a different direction then I wanna go. I want to boat and be a pirate, and live on the sea but since this last patch I've switched to boat bridge meta because why not? The mechanics of sailing are fun, but there are a lot of problems to deal with that just don't reward you. Its like every thing that they add just has to suck in some way enough that you might as well use the easily accessible main-land staple than build a boat and get out there.
  7. So true - Sailing is fun. They nailed that well enough. Steering, sails, anchors, debris, message in bottles, treasure hunting, fishing, its all great mechanically. BUT none of it is actually worth going out there for. It takes about as much time to just build a boat to get out on the water as it does to rush the ruins and come back with star caller staves, thulecite crowns, and piles of gems and nm fuel. All that invested time just to get on the ocean and nothing you find out there compares to ruins loot. And what is our new patch? Here's another way to get your boat sunk and more annoying interruptions. Might as well include tl/dr build boat bridges in the patch notes next time... Since the last patch I haven't spent much time boating at all.
  8. Ugh, those were so bad. I saw Hamlet's forest area, glad I never played that game.
  9. Sometimes I end up in the caves for several seasons just because there are less stupid things to deal with (like elemental hound waves of increasingly annoying size, boss spawns, penguls, ect) the caves are so chill. Sometimes I go down for the summer and don't come back for 100+ days because its easier to be productive down there...
  10. I'm 100% on board with this. I don't suffer with major hearing loss, but I like to play music and mute DST. I often mute the games I'm playing so having video cues helps a lot.
  11. So if I wanna ask my crush out to a dance I can spell it out in the water and take them boating... ? <3 (Just a joke, I don't have a crush and I don't dance... -_- but maybe I could do pixel art? )
  12. I don't think you have to defend anything. While some noise on the forums may count as feedback for Klei its not like they jump at every suggestion we drop. If they did we'd have farms, beefalos, and dozens of items and crock pot recipes buffed to the point of actually being worth using... This change here was basically a bug fix by preventing Wavey from spawning after players had left the boat, a pretty logical fix. They also lowered the sanity to 25% for Wavey to pull patches which imo is pretty reasonable considering 75% sanity isn't anything I'd call "low." But lets also be real here - there are things that are interesting and challenging, and there are things that are just a nuisance. Wavey is kinda interesting, not really challenging but very annoying. Boats are already slower than walking, and there aren't many places to go... Just equip a walking cane and walk around, or better yet - build a boat bridge... And that's really the problem I'm seeing. Boat bridges are still pretty okay but actually outfitting a boat and getting out on the ocean is getting punished. I think thats about backwards of what it should be. Right now it looks like boats are going to be the next beefalo. Too much invested for a niche bonus at best. Nothing on the seas rivals anything available on land. If you start your game building a boat you'll just be setting sail when the person who rushed ruins is coming out with a load of gems, wires, gears, thulicite crowns and nm fuel. Granted Klei isn't done with the RoT content yet but at this point I don't feel like its worth boating.
  13. I still don't feel boats are worth investing in. It takes a lot to build a good boat and every new mechanic seems to treat them like trash. They are going to be our next beefalo - an awesome thing you just can't justify doing because the gains and risks are WAY out of proportion.
  14. That, and you gave your reasoning for not including character tweaks in the poll options. I agree, character tweaks opens a can of worms that mingles more with reworks (probably a never ending job at this point) then with game wide QoL changes.
  15. I don't think I would call it "working as intended," because all code does what it is, but that doesn't mean it does what is intended. It seems you do need to be on the boat to spawn wavey, the problem is that wavey doesn't go away. Once he's there you're stuck wasting your entire night chasing him off. Its not like the shadow hands that grab your fire, where they only come when you light natural fire and go away completely when they've been addressed. Wavey is especially persistent, requiring no trigger and never despawning until the night is over. Even if you step on him he will come back no matter what in a short time, and if you jumped off your boat, and he hasn't shown yet, but his trigger to appear was there, you're a screen away and he's sinking your boat. He can also spawn behind structures preventing you from stepping on him. If this is the intended behavior for Wavey, which it might be - then this topic is dead on. Boats are beefalo tier. Invest in them at your own peril knowing they are both nearly useless, and at risk of total loss for even the slightest misplay.
  16. I think Wigfrid and Wendy make a great team. Because of the nature of Abigail you need to tank more fights rather than kite which Wigfrid is great for. Wendy can also farm spiders crazy fast so meat is never in short supply. I also wanna say that Woodie is really great with Lucy. For real, most OP team I ever played.
  17. That is not correct. Wavey will appear if your boat is near you, even if its off screen. He also works very fast. He just stole my boat in the time it took for me to fight a single crawling horror. Except that I zoomed out to watch him work he wouldn't have even been on screen.
  18. Oh, we're only talking about True Scotsman DST games? lol Still doesn't matter. My points don't come down to the strawman you hoped to burn in effigy lol. Whether a game involves pick up and play, or dedicated team or solo experience from day 1, DST is still a sandbox game and gives way for emergent gameplay. This is not my opinion, DST is by definition a sandbox game. These "cheese" interactions some people like to look down on may not be purposefully crafted by the devs to use in such a way BUT the devs did specifically craft the game in such a way to allow you to find what works and do it. Further as we have seen the devs patch out things they did deem exploitive, we can infer that what they haven't patched out they do not deem as exploitive.
  19. It really has less to do with angry players than the fact that DST is a sandbox game. It kinda has to be in order to support the multiplayer aspect. People are going to join the game in bad seasons, and people are going to have mixed levels of experience. Some people are going to join a new world, play for 2 hours and never see that world again. This is why Klei made so many boss fights a choice you make, because joining a server and getting assaulted by dragonfly when you're just trying to get a whirly fan and some berries before everything around you ignites isn't a good game experience. Neither is never being able to fight a certain boss because you can't play 6 hours straight. Klei does a lot of this on the back end too. You won't get a hound attack unless you've been on the server long enough to warrant your own attack, and it will scale based on how long you've been on the server regardless of server age. Similarly deerclops and bearger will weight their spawn priority based on the age of the players in the game. If you just joined a game in winter and you're setting trees on fire to stay warm while you get your first few resources the game isn't going to sick deerclops on you. Sandbox games aren't just adventure fight simulators. Yes you can adventure fight your way through them, but the reason they are called sandboxes is that there are often unusual ways of playing in them, and a lot is left up to the player to decide. Emergent gameplay is intended by the developers. Never in DST does the game tell you "make a weapon to fight off enemies." If you want to build a mega base, play without weapons, cave base, sea base, build automated structures to provide supplies, or whatever you can because its up to you what you do. If you want to restrict yourself to weapons and insist on dodging every attack you can even when tanking/trading is more efficient that's your call too. I'm not going to invade someone else setting up to "Legit fight" bee queen, but I'm also not going to hold back from killing her with my preferred method when I join a server.
  20. Its only slightly slower to kill AG without cheese. Just pick wolfgang and dodge for a few minutes instead of holding F. The ruins can be rushed regardless. Deleting the collision with graves and pillars won't give you AG rights. It just means people are even more dependent on picking Wolfgang regardless of their actual character of choice. If you want them rushed a specific way, maybe you should be the one rushing them? Had a similar thread opened a while back about people upset that the ruins are rushed because they couldn't come back and do them like 6 hours later... Like its a pub game. A lot of people are going to do what they want. Not everyone is going to pick Wolfgang, some people are going to hammer pig houses or dig mushrooms, some people are going to burn down trees or kill beefalos. All of this can happen without any griefing or ill intentions. If you feel the need to control the entire world and do everything your way, play solo? I do. I like playing the game solo largly because I like being the one who is doing everything. That isn't something I can rightly ask in a pub game though lol Wait, did you really do this? I think you confuse cheat and cheese, and for that matter I think you confuse playing the game any way other than your ordained 'one true method' with cheese. To start with cheating is actually breaking the rules of the game. Cheese is exploiting the rules to perhaps their unintended effect, but by no means is it breaking them. Meanwhile an aimbot is actually breaking rules. No one is using an aimbot to beat AG. Everything they use to beat AG is built right into the game. Maybe you disagree with the direction of development, that's okay I do sometimes too. Its okay to disagree... but griefing over a disagreement is eh... I mean when I make an oven to bake bee queen first autumn without even making a weapon I'll admit that's cheese. But you're srsly name dropping firepits as the "cheese method" for deerclops lol Not even on tentacles or tree guards lol
  21. There was a guide about boat building that helped me out a lot. Basically it goes like this: Place sails first because you can literally build any other structure directly on top of it. Just make sure its at the edge of the structure you build over it so that you can still reach the sail. After that you get 7 slots to build "big" things. The dead center, and then 6 corners around the boat. After this you can fill with lesser structures like chests, ice boxes, ect who use a reduced collision box.
  22. I would have voted for worldgen - specifically an archipelago style, but with boats getting hit pretty hard in the last patch I'll put that one on the back burner... I'm not sure Klei is going the right direction with ocean content at this point so I'm kinda dreading their next update for this... But I do think disease, beef taming, farm viability, and unlisted but related - wildfires - need some QoL updates. There is a lot of game material that just isn't worth accessing because of these features. These all include a lot of "bad difficulty." Where the difficulty doesn't make enjoyable, challenging game play. These just wall off an entire section of the game play without adding anything back. These all need an overhaul. Disease and wildfires both lead players to avoid large blocks of content. Build farms that avoid disease like bunnyman farms, or base in the caves in summer. I feel the game would be a lot better with these two just turned off, and that can be done in world-settings, but a lot of people play on default worlds. And regardless of our ability to turn off bad mechanics... they are still bad mechanics. They don't add anything to the game. They aren't fun or challenging. They are tedious chores that you can completely ignore and you'll be just as well off. Beef taming and farms both suffer from high investment low payoff. As fun as tamed beefs are they are a lot of work and after all of that work... they can just die... and that's it. Dead. Their advantages aren't even that great. Similarly you invest a lot of grass, stone, manure, and time planting seeds, feeding the crops to birds, hoping for good crops to multiply, and for what? Even once you get a good crop like dragonfruit going you've got to feed most of the crop to a bird just to replant.
  23. How about - Wavey doesn't cause irreparable harm for such a trivial thing as low sanity. How many base structures are at risk for shadow hands, or terror beaks? NONE. How many structures are at risk for even a few minutes of insanity on a boat? All of them. Most serious boats have over a dozen structures on them. This isn't even just about the boat patches. If he lowers a sail when you're not on that boat, that boat may very well be a total loss. Think about it, Wavey's destructive potential is on par with Bearger and Deerclops. This isn't "like the shadow hands" who only come when you light a fire, and only take that fire. Before this patch the risk / reward of sailing was fairly low. With this patch the risk went up crazy high, and there is no reward that justifies it. We needed things that helped with boats. We needed spyglass, pirate hat, upgraded steering and anchors, access to better weapons and armor at sea, and what we got was more "haha ur boat ded" bs. Boats are quickly going the way of Beefalo. High investment, risk of absolute loss, niche advantages at best, and honestly - just why bother doing it? Compare this to the caves which give you an honest shot at doing something dangerous and fun, and rewards you well for your success.
  24. Boat bridges are going to be almost completely unscathed by it. At worst they have an anchor that can be lifted, but unless something moves it they're still just gonna sit there. They're fine. Its the actual investment boats that you're going to be sailing on long enough to patch up, and lose sanity on the ocean that are at risk. If this was their answer to boat bridges they completely missed the mark lol but I don't think that was the case. I think this was their idea to make sanity a problem on the seas. But Wavey Jones is no analogue to the shadow hands that steal your camp fire. This is as if the shadow hands also just auto-destroyed your base structures if you aren't 100% vigilant non stop which, as I said, makes me just quit sailing. Ironically this will encourage me to build more boat bridges and just never sail again... :\ Don't forget the ocupot XD