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  1. So far the poll shoes 35 votes for mangos to 0 votes against. That's basically 100% of the playerbase and 50% of Klei employees. What could possibly be holding them back from releasing mangos? I think its a conspiracy!! Do you know what you get when you rearrange the letters of m-a-n-g-o? That's right, you get T-H-E-M!!! Klei must be surprising us with the RoT content ending with the Mango King returning to the throne!
  2. idk what you're talking about. You could feed her a stack of ash to put her to sleep, then wake her up with an old bell lolol or are you going to say that feeding her ash to put her to sleep wasn't intended by the devs or that Old Bell is cheese XDXDDXDDDD I don't want to get too distracted here because I think such problems are best left ignored (people constantly inserting their irrelevant thoughts into every thread) but uncom mod is nothing more than people enforcing their meta play style on the game because they were disappointed any alternative methods worked. I'm pretty sure if I bothered to play with it I could find enough cheese to make installing it moot, but why bother? They just want to play the game their way, and that's fine - All I ask is they keep their MOD games out of General Discussion pls.
  3. Woby can help him explore and enter the ruins quicker. Woby also can hold more loot allowing Walter to keep everything with him through the rush, and bring more back. Woby does not take damage, so you don't need to worry about him dying like you would with hutch. Woby can't be looted if Walter is riding him so its safer to exit. Fighting rooks is easier with slingshot since you can interrupt their attack animation. Poop pellets can be timed well to de-aggro bishops allowing you to fight them without tanking either. Slingshot is also great at farming shadow creatures because you don't need to wait for them to get to you or dodge them. Also he does not have any passive sanity drain in the ruins, so unless you take damage you won't worry about color distortion or extra shadow monsters. When you do take damage sanity is easy to recover because you only need enough to stop spawning shadow creatures. Without a passive drain you can comfortably sit at that level of sanity without much issue. Gold rounds can be prototyped from when you build science machine and can help you farm birds for plenty of gold pk before you dive into ruins too, so ammo is not a problem.
  4. According to 6 people it would uniquely allow them to perform their religious traditions.
  5. We should be able to render the fat into lamp oil so we don't need to keep returning to the caves for lightbulbs.
  6. idk but I think it was a good call. Few people actually play on the surface during summer, so the boss would be a waste. A lot of people skip antlion too. Wildfires just too annoying to bother with any surface content for many players. Funny I see people talk about turning disease off because its such a bad mechanic but they all keep wildfires on... Fire hounds are enough of a threat for summer, wildfires are just problem-vomit.
  7. nice lunar island lol I've never had that connected to the main last mass for me.
  8. 10/10 - would provide my opinion in such an unbias and balanced survey again.
  9. I've been on this hype train for a while. We need a boat mounted gun that can be loaded with gunpowder and a shot. You aim it and light the fuse to fire. You could load it with a cannon, harpoon, or net. The harpoon and net would rope to the boat and reel in what you net. Nets can catch birds / fish, while the harpoon can pull in a narwail or shark, or if you hit something immobile pull your boat in to it. The cannon shot would deal some aoe damage and could destroy rock and salt formations. We also need the captain hat, pirate hat, spyglass, and something sorta like the cutlass supreme!!! O_O
  10. So much this - its why I always promote cheese when ppl whip out their wolfgang bd threads about things like which boss is toughest. Picking wolfgang, rushing ruins, and rushing through all of the bosses will certainly clear the game fastest. But if you're going to make a world last 6000 days... what are you in a hurry for? lol I had more fun recruiting some depth worms to dps toadstool while I just ran around chopping sporecaps than I ever had solo fighting him. What makes the game fun is how you play it, which is why I love torching my base
  11. I definitely want a boat mounted gun you can load with either a cannon shot, net or harpoon. Manual aim and fire. It would be awesome, and give a better feeling to hunting narwails if you could harpoon them, reel them in and finish them. Also we should be able to render their fat into lamp oil to replace going to the caves for lightbulbs.
  12. I have not experienced this issue at all, try again and see if it still happens.
  13. That's exactly how I described them to my buddy when I was telling him about the new stuff. "You know the garden in alice, yeah its like that but they're on the water and throw ninja stars at you" lol
  14. I don't think Wurt can eat a leafy meat, so why should she eat their recipies?