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  1. I'm glad they give the opportunity to get them again. I've received almost every time exclusive skin since DST launched and I love seeing other people get them now. Good on Klei for making things accessible! Not everyone logs every day, or watches twitter like a hawk to get these things, doesn't mean they shouldn't be able to enjoy them.
  2. My first game online with DST I picked Willow and burned down everything I could.
  3. Yeah, because - exactly as I said - she will die otherwise. Unsummoning her before she takes lethal damage or giving her a pot to last her through the fight coincides with my comments exactly. If you unsummon her, same as if she died, you are left with 75% damage modifier. 20s up with 150% damage and 7s down with 75% damage is much less impressive compared to Wolfgang... AGAIN NOT SAYING WENDY ISN'T OP but lets not pretend she is OP boss destroyer lol There is a reason she isn't taking over speed runs and full game clears lolol I never said she didn't do anything useful. I said she doesn't tank bosses well, and even for a weak boss like deerclops she needs a health potion to survive the fight. Other bosses will kill here even with heal pot active. Most of them - even single target bosses - require you tank the boss as they'll still hit her if you dodge. idk if you're just assuming I'm on some OmG wEnDy BaLaNcEd hype train or if my posts are confusing you because they aren't, but you feel you still gotta argue Wendy is the most OP thing no matter what anyone else says.
  4. So that part where I said she wouldn't live long without a potion inspired you to share a video where she indeed does not live long without a potion.... ? also Exactly what I said... and yeah as I said.... idkw you're responding to me here.
  5. Dragonfly is an easy one because Dfly will rarely redirect her hits to Abigail. Moosegoose will almost always hit Abigail if she does not hit a player. I believe other monsters are similar, its not just aoe vs single target. Abigail is not a great tank against bosses either. If you do the firepit facetank deerclops you need to give Abi a big heal pot or she will not survive long. She cannot be used against Bearger at all, no matter what potion. Large hound waves during the day can get through her too. I don't really use Wendy to fight bosses so I only know the basic ones but I'm sure other bosses have similar issues with targeting and damage output. Not to say Wendy / Abi isn't OP, they do a LOT, but its less boss clears. Besides Wolfgang is the only one who can solo stun dfly, even Wendy with Abi can't do that. Although for best results you bring them both lol Wolf with Abi is pretty OP, just add Warly dishes for lulz on top.
  6. This is kinda part of why nerfs are needed though. If every monster scales up based on Wolfgang + Warly buff + whatever else, what do the other characters do? There must be some semblance of balance before you can fairly push the limits of what a character can do. As I said I think just capping people to their biggest buff should help a lot, in this way Wolfgang can still be 100% damage boost out the gate giving him the early advantage, but once players can stock up on Warly dishes most characters can come close without him jumping up again. Also it could open up design space for other types of bonuses since they wouldn't need to balance around the edge case of "what if a player took ALL of them, how do we challenge that?"
  7. Wow, that sounds like a great deal. I'm gonna have to look that up. thx ~ I've been wanting to use anenemys since they came out but hadn't found any good ways to use them yet. voltgoat horns are a pain to farm it would be lovely to get that automated lol
  8. Do I need to show you chests of stonfruits and bundlewraps full of meats, salt boxes and fridges full of rotting food to prove this to you? lol Every hound wave, boss, frog rain, ect is just more and more meat. Disease is gone too so its easy to have a field of berries, stonefruits, and kelps where ever you need. Food is the least problem in the game after the first season. I've heard potatoes are super easy to farm too, but I haven't gotten into the farming stuff yet to know myself.
  9. idk, probably less useful than putting one under each bishop, but its only 1 anenemy to put under guardian. Even if you go early and he isn't ko yet he could still be weakened making it faster. As long as there is a good supply of anenemys I say why not? How many do you need for volt goat farming? I think you get like 30 per server? maybe more?
  10. Wow this thread really shot off like a rocket... A few things. 1) Wendy being OP does not mean Wolfgang is not OP. That isn't how logic works. Unfortunately that IS how threads get derailed. No, Wendy wasn't on the original list but yes, she can certainly be added and it wouldn't change anything else in the thread. Stop acting like mentioning Wendy is some "SEE WOLFGANG NOT OP" gatcha b/c they can and are both pretty op. If you want to suggest balance things for Wendy or Wolfgang go ahead. Quit acting like "OMG BUT WENDY" means ppl have no right to discuss Wolfgang lol. We can easily discuss them both, and NEITHER being OP justifies the other being OP, quit trying to compare them. 2) Quit exaggerating things. Tagging Abigail as a "free infinite light source" is pretty far out there. Yes you can use her as a light source in a pinch, no she won't be your only light source, and trying to use her as one is pretty limiting... Similarly while Abi is great at dealing with large numbers of mobs she is not invulnerable. Its less about how many mobs she is fighting but more for how long. If a frog rain or hound wave lasts a while she takes a lot more damage, she also takes double damage from boss type monsters, and if she does die she is at 1 health and back to 150 max health... so pretty worthless... If she dies mid fight you're either completing with 75% damage mod or aborting the fight. Yes she is strong, but lets not get carried away with wild theories about just how OP she is. 3) Wolfgang getting food is not a downside. The game literally shoves food in your face after the first season and Wolfgang fighting things naturally produces this food. Even if all you had to do was stand still for a minute it would be a bigger penalty than Wolfgang needing to eat. Especially considering his speed buff and combat kit there is really no argument that getting food is somehow a chore for him... 4) My suggestion to simply prevent multipliers from stacking as a way to maintain Wolfgang's power while preventing edge cases where he shoots up to 6x multipliers holds with Wendy too. Wendy gets a multiplier from Abigail that can be stacked with Wolfgang, Warly foods, and more. Stop the multipliers from stacking and the edge cases disappear... Without the edge cases I don't think anyone is that OP at the moment.
  11. Yeah but most of the game isn't racing to farm 1000 spiders, just killing a few dozen is enough and Wolfgang does that too. He can 1 shot spiders and frogs, 2 shot hounds, werepigs and bunnymen are also very easy. Its not like he ONLY does double damage to bosses lol While Abi can AOE in order to do real work she needs potions which requires Wendy to go on a side quest meanwhile Wolfgang only needs food, which the game practically shoves down your throat after first winter lol. As I said you can definitely say Wendy / Abi is OP just as you can say Wolfgang is OP. Wendy doesn't change the problems Wolfgang poses to the game, but she also doesn't monopolize the top end, honestly there isn't must "need" for the things Abi does, but there is a need for what Wolfgang does. Before Wendy's rework I would have said Wolfgang needed a nerf but at this point with other damage buff I think just cutting the stacking effect for damage / speed would be enough.
  12. She can handle a lot of hounds, but probably needs a heal potion or preferably a vengeance potion to do it well. The weakness of Abigail is that she doesn't deal much damage during the day. There is a potion to fix that BUT then you can't use a heal / vengeance potion so its still suboptimal. She mostly excels at killing low damage swarm enemies. Anything hound or higher and she needs potions or dies. Against most bosses she really suffers because bosses deal double damage to non-player mobs. She dies in about 4 hits from Deerclops and 3 from Bearger. Its not as simple as "aoe bad single target good" though as some bosses that are single target will wiff if you dodge the attack but others you need to actually tank the hit or it will just redirect to her. I think only dfly will actually miss both of you if you dodge. Wendy is definitely top tier and with that level of power I don't ask for nerfs directly to Woflgang but just to damage / speed multiplier stacking. It gives Wolfgang his niche but other people can compensate with other materials. Wendy doesn't really surpass Wolfgang, but I could see them as meeting. The thing about Woflgang is he deals double damage where it matters - nonstop against bosses. Abigail is good against some bosses, but only some. While killing a thousand spiders is great its not the biggest deal. A bunnyman or rocklobster farm can do just as well. And that's kinda the bar I think is reasonable to set for dst. Its okay for strongman to be the strongest, but when the multipliers stack its just ridiculous. If we stop damage / speed multiplier stacking then we allow the playing field to become more leveled while still allowing some players to excel AND we open up design space for more options for damage and speed multipliers since we don't have to worry about what happens when we use them all at once.
  13. Great idea!! I can probably think of some ways to use this... Definitely not like tooth traps, but a whole 'nother way to cheese the game I love it XD thx
  14. I tried working with anenemys but they were kinda difficult... They have a place radius that keeps them from being put too close to each other or other obstacles, and there is a kinda delay that prevent them from taking on hounds. Has anyone had more success with these? They sound like they should be more useful then they are, but I'm not always the best at putting these things together.