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  1. Balance is very important in any game, whether pve or pvp. While balance is important, it does not mean all things have to be equal. There can be good and bad crock pot recipes, combat gear ect. More important than just "good and bad" is "different and interesting." When we talk about characters being overpowered or weak we want to separate it between the two. Its good for a character to be a strong choice, and it can be good for a character to be weak! It isn't good if a character is bland, or uninteresting. What we need to do is learn from the changes they've done before. The powers of the different characters has changed over time already. I think Wickerbottom is a great example of a character re-work that kept their original intent, but added game play that fulfills "being" that character more! Why doesn't Wilson have a science tab that lets him make potions? He's a science guy, but has no science that is unique to him. He's supposed to be the "nobody" character but we don't need that anymore. It made sense in DS because you needed to unlock characters, but why bother leaving him bland now? Why is Woodie's perk just chopping trees and having an axe that won't shut up? We don't need "more powerful" characters, but we do need to feel the unique aspects of each character when we play. Woodie doesn't have to chop trees the fastest just to be good, anyone can give a few pigs some meats and chop trees fast, you can even lure a boss through to level a forest in no time! He needs something more unique. Maybe he should be able to befriend treeguards, or force-grow trees with pinecones similar to how Webber force-grows spider dens? Even Wes being bad can be made better. Right now he just consumes more food and deals less damage. I still have overloads of spoiling foods even with how much he eats and balloons are kinda meh. Maybe balloons could be made more interesting while still being worthless - like let you make balloon hats, swords, or carry balloons with you so that they don't just sit there as clutter. Make the balloon sword consumable like darts, and pop when you attack for its aoe damage (damaging you too). Make the balloon hat the same way - if you're ever hit it pops doing the aoe damage. This lets you use the balloons, even if they are horrible lol
  2. My buddy showed me the game and we both pirated copies of DS. I finally survived to Winter and thought it was the cruelest thing in the world! I looked online to see some tips and found that the developers had patched the game and the tips didn't line up with my features. I got a new version that matched and played a bit more, then it happened again. I decided to buy the game so I could always have the up to date version, it was the first game I bought on steam. I only played League on my computer at the time, everything else was on console - but since getting Steam and DS I actually bought more games on PC and now never play on console (or league) I just play steam games lol. I kept up with the game buying both RoG and Shipwrecked but I fell out of playing it for a bit. DST came out though and I bought it like 4 times to gift it to friends so we could play together, and I play DST often now. I never play DS anymore... Sometimes I miss the lower mob health levels, and sometimes I want to actually do all of the SW stuff. I did complete adventure mode in DS to unlock both Maxwell and Wes legit.
  3. Looking for players

    Are you on PC or PS4? What continent are you on? what times are you up for playing, and what time zone are you in? ^_^
  4. First off - The post I replied to may have necrod this, but I think it's relevant that I replied to that post, which was current. Further - You can argue what constitutes an "easter egg" all you want, I think calling Maxwell Waxwell (switching the name to a W for the player version) is an easter egg in that it is a hidden gem that a player can find, that contains a subtle joke. They could have simply named them playermaxwell, but instead they made it start with a W like all of the other player characters, Waxwell. HAHA Finally - who cares if the thread is old, it's not like there is a lot of vital traffic on these boards. Do you think you missed some of the latest news because a thread 1 month old popped up top with some new comments? get a life.
  5. Does it work like that? o_O Wow, never knew that - got them. thx !! I guess the pale works similarly, as I got it right after... I normally just use them as I get them I guess, and never realized I had to use the first one to get the next one.
  6. Just playing a new game and I hit up the Oasis at start of summer, excited to get some desert goggles on. idk, I like how they look. I didn't base in the Oasis, but I built my pig village there and had a billion tress to cut down in the long summer days, smolder free... 3 fishing poles later... I have not found desert goggles... I have about a dozen other blue prints for fashion goggles and potted succulents... Not much time left in summer either, since fishing constantly has me waiting very long periods between bites. Haven't gotten a sand pale either. Horrible luck, and I'm super salty lol.
  7. When someone asks what characters are good for a beginner - they are saying what gives them the least other things to worry about so they can learn the game basics. Wilson -> no downsides really Wickerbottom -> free science machine Willow -> free lighter and sanity decoy Wigfrid -> free weapon and armor, with damage increase and defense buff These are great starter characters because they give good bonuses to help you explore the game without very large penalties. Maxwell -> shadow puppets, but only 75 health Wolfgang -> super hunger drain Wes -> super hunger drain and damage debuff These are not great starter characters because you have to deal with their downsides. Who cares that Wickerbottom can't sleep? Once you learn to cook and eat monster meat, Wigfrid is super easy too. I'd put Webber on the list of "super easy, but won't recommend to newcomer" because it changes which mobs are friendly and which are hostile, and that changes what you learn about the game. Wigfrid taking a few hits doesn't change what you learn about the game. When Wigfrid was first released I played her a bit and found the resources needed to tank enemies drained what I had to build with, so I naturally moved away from tanking. It was great to learn the patterns of the different mobs that simply killed me before, by having the flexibility to take a hit or two during the fight.
  8. Yeah man, I get so used to using Wickerbottom and having science machine unlocked at the start of the game... Yeah man, I get so used to having Wolfgang 2x damage bonus... Yeah man, I get so used to having Wilsons beard in winter... Yeah man, I get so used to having Maxwell sanity bonus... So what if a player likes a characters perks? My point in recommending her is that she is more forgiving to people who aren't familiar with combat. They can take a few hits and keep fighting. If they get better at dodging - they will naturally move away from her as you can be much more effective with Wolfgang in the same situations - but if you never get that good, or like being able to take a few hits - what is wrong with liking that? Wigfrid doesn't need a crock pot - she can eat monster meat and farm up her sanity / health. Further: Crock pot is an easy science machine craft that EVERYONE should learn how to use anyway... so what is the problem with that?
  9. The reason she was one of the last unlocks is because she was one of the last ones to be added, not because she is difficult or requires skill. Besides - what does it matter if a player likes battle helm? I like balloons, so I play wes. If I liked Valkyrie helms I would play wig. Starting with a helm and weapon can help you play with combat a bit more. Some people like playing with combat, and she is a better character for a beginner who wants to fight everything than Wolfgang.
  10. Does regrowth happen on player-crafted turfs? Like, if I floor up an area and leave it floored up it won't regrow, right?
  11. Yeah - I play Wes largely because I don't find the other powers very appealing but balloons are fun ^_^ When I play wes I need to know the game more. I need to know to build a pig and bunny village, how to manage sanity, to switch to armor quickly, and especially how to fight and manage food since I need to fight everything longer (damage reduction) and eat more (hunger penalty) than any other character. This isn't about which players people should play, its about which characters are good for a new player. If someone doesn't know how to fight, or about hound waves, or all of the structures, weapons, and armor they can use, how to recover sanity before sanity becomes an issue ect then they need experience playing the game to learn how to manage these problems. Giving them worse problems doesn't make it any easier, it just makes them die faster and progress slower... which is likely to cause them to just go to a different game. Remember that when players first play this game they don't know things like what winter even is, or that you can build pig houses, or that you should fight them. They don't know what the different mushrooms do. Sure all of these things can be looked up, but are they playing with 2 monitors to look it up as they play? Are they expected to study for hours, finding things they don't know they need to know? Or are they supposed to start with the game and play it first. Sure - if they want to play a different character GO AHEAD idfc. I'm not saying you need to start with these, but they are great beginner characters because they help you experience and learn the world without dying every time something goes wrong. New players typically die when 1) night happens and they don't have a torch, materials for a torch, or aren't familiar enough with the menus to quickly build one, or 2) when they fight things and don't know the kiting patterns, or how to manage multiple spiders at once. Willow has a torch, Wigfrid has armor and defense / damage bonus. Once they learn to manage lighting, sanity, and kiting, then they can play whatever they want.
  12. Yeah - lol - I typically find damage and hunger penalties in a survival game the BEST way to learn!! Why get time to explore the world, learn the structures, and practice tactics with a character that is more forgiving when you can just turn the !@#$fan up to 11 and starve to death before the first nightfall! Dude - what do you think the point of a "beginning" character is? You say that YOU rely too much on battle helms. Great, that is your problem. You know what you should learn? DODGE! If a new player doesn't know the patterns of a new monster starting with a defense bonus and armor is exactly what they need. They can then learn to DODGE! while not dying with each mistake. Same with Willow and the sanity. Going insane can be a perpetual battle if you aren't aware of what you need to do. You may need to pick cactus or green mushrooms as shadow monsters are chasing you. Drop that bear and cook that food, get the sanity back up and keep playing rather than dying to 2-3 shadow monsters because you're new and aren't always aware of the preparations you need to make. Sounds like you think playing anything with a bonus is going to make a weak player... yet I see all these Wickerbottom and Wolfgang streams showing off pro strats... Why are we worried about relying on a battle helm when you can just move up to Wolfgang and be "pro" ?
  13. I consider it an easter egg - because it's a nice hidden gem that shows all Player Characters start with W, even Waxwell lol
  14. Yeah, I think they used Waxwell to differentiate the playable version of Maxwell in game files lol
  15. For a player that is completely new to the game I think Willow and Wigfrid are the best choices. 1) Willow - she has a lighter. Just this. The first obstacle a player is going to face is night time. The game is don't starve, but the night takes more victims than starving ever did... This lighter helps you conserve your twigs / grass as you start out so that you can get other tools and become familiar with the game. You can also cook on it, which helps you get the most out of food as you learn how to properly engage the world. She is an A+ starter character for just learning the basics of the game. 2) Wigfrid - the derp easy. When a person starts playing this game they either try to fight everything, or avoid fighting anything. Willow is perfect for people who avoid fighting everything, but for those who want to fight Wigfrid is great! She starts with a premo weapon and armor, and has an innate damage increase and defense. She also recovers health and sanity from killing things. This makes her a great character for learning combat as you can easily take a few hits and keep on going. She can only eat meat, but there are many ways to obtain meat. She can even live on monster meat and just kill a few spiders afterwords to recover from its ill effects. You can obtain good meat from moles, tall birds, pigs, catcoons, buzzards, ect ect ect so it's really not that big of a problem. Both of these character's appeal wanes as you learn the game. Willow can easily be upgraded to Wickerbottom - another character who isn't focused on combat but gives a lot more perks to deal with the world. Wigfrid can upgrade to Wolfgang - After you're familiar with food management the extra damage and movement speed from Wolfgang makes him super-good.