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  1. I'm trying really hard here to not just be negative on this whole thing, but like how long is a spider or hound on your screen without doing something that it needs an idle animation? Do you really want jungle textures covering up your screen? How many people already turn off screen shake and distortion? I think it would be cool if they added some variety in naturally occurring plant foods. Take some of the farm / seed crops and make them real plants like berry bushes. I'd love a corn field or a pumpkin patch. I could also appreciate having the main land mass broken up a bit, maybe select 1-2 biomes in world generation to spawn off as islands you can boat / bridge to? idk, I like the idea of adding new content to the game which also adds variety. I think Klei has been doing that pretty well with the ocean. Kelps, stonefruits, fishes, and lureplants (even though we already had them) and mussels are doing a good job of adding variety to a previously stale food selection. I don't like the idea of just adding animations and effects, especially ones which obscure my vision, accuracy, or control of my character.
  2. And when the Twitter mob rolls up I'll just refer them to this post and everything will be fine lol XD
  3. I think #newyear or #lunarnewyear could both work, or #yotanimal for year of the animal. I don't think I would confuse a simple #lunar for #fullmoon or #newmoon as I don't think anyone would group that all together as there isn't much relevance between them except maybe as it relates to the chess sculptures as you can waken them in either full or new moon to different effect. I wouldn't call it Chinese anything because even though these events are inspired by Chinese new years and occur in line with the real life holiday it might be considered appropriation to tie them that closely together. I doubt the risk is high, but I would consider "better safe than sorry" in regards to cultural things. There was a LOT of drama over a certain card game I played and accusations of both "cultural appropriation" and "glorifying oppression" with a simple cultural chant they included...
  4. I think it would be better to add more varied weapon and armor types as well as reactive actions with cooldowns you can use when fighting, and put the characters to duel within an arena restricting their movement. Adding turn based combat and rng to-hit dodge and damage is never as satisfying as actually moving out of the way of an attack and leading your opponent with yours catching them off guard.
  5. You can do the Crab King with 0 gems just build a flingo on your boat and light up a fire next to him. The flingo will ice him which will start the fight regardless of gems inserted. A 0 gem Crab King fight is actually pretty easy. Once you have the blueprint you just need to nab some narwhales while you're out fishing and you can get a trident together. Depends on how you want to spend your time though.
  6. Kelp wasn't on the individual food source list. I really like kelp because it is easy to get a decent amount from an early lunar island rush, it requires no fertilizer, doesn't wilt, and counts as veg for perogi in addition to filler for meatballs or anything else. You had spider den [inside mob cage] a few times but I didn't see spider den inside rock lobsters. I like this the most because they can tank through spider queens without any problems and they don't eat the meat, or combat me for looting it. I don't think these spider den [inside mob cage] are as important to food as they are to farming spider silk and glands, but they certainly are capable of producing a good amount of monster meats. Above surface I usually have a few pigs and the kelps planted. I get monster meat from hound waves or spiders which I convert to normal meats with the pigs or eggs with birds. This set up does about everything I need it to do.
  7. If you play on PC - use console commands. Give yourself creative mode and build whatever resources you need, then spawn in whatever challenges you want to practice with. Whether its fighting 3 tree guards, 20 hounds, bee queen, dfly, fuel weaver, whatever you can use console commands to get to that part of your play within minutes without risking a world you're actually invested in. Also save before you go in and roll back to get multiple attempts. Once you're comfortable dealing with something then tackle it in a "real" game. If you're on console - buy the game on PC. We have geometric placement <3
  8. As some others have already said - I think the "scare" factor of mobs like this is a bit over hyped. It wears off with exposure, eventually becoming either 1) completely irrelevant as you've altered your playstyle around them (or found a way to cheese them) or 2) you just get annoyed because you can't do anything about it showing up and ruining the things you actually enjoying doing in the game.
  9. I think we don't have it because most people aren't cutting it so close in their combat. Once you learn a boss its not too tough to come back and clear it again. Most people are probably using base case as detailed in the wiki, but you can calculate a specific case easily. Its just boss hp / (weapon * multi) / weapon durability to see how many you need to bring.
  10. I don't know if there is one or not. It wouldn't be hard to throw together a reasonably comprehensive spreadsheet to calculate including all the variables. Some would be tougher like Wolfgang and Hambat which scale based on hunger / freshness. Everything else is pretty simple though. Are you interested in putting something like that together? Would this tool be useful for some project you got? What kinda context are we working with?
  11. I really like what they added for her. I think it adds to her character without distracting from who she was. It makes her a great compliment to a team. Overpowered? Every character is overpowered. I suspect they might do something after they're done with all the reworks which brings new weaknesses to everyone.
  12. This skin is really cool. You can use a clean sweep to change the components so you can mix and match the gem posts and the circle between classic and the new skin. Nice way to indicate "north," point which way is base, or some other landmark if you wanna get fancy. Also this could be really cool if they added a few more skins for the focus to mix and match between posts and circles.
  13. What Mrklli said is right - if you're close enough to other players the hound wave is reduced so that it isn't just every player's wave added together. The hound waves are spawned at once by the server, so everyone's hound wave will trigger at the same time but each player's hound wave size is depending on how long they've been on the server. If you join a server too soon to have your own hound wave you will still hear the warning but will not receive any hounds. Also I wanna add - if you're on a boat when the warning sound starts you won't get any hound wave, but that is only determined when the warning sound first plays. If you get on a boat after the warning triggers you will still get hounds.
  14. I really like that part where he says he wanted to make a game that people just enjoy playing, and where if you die you feel its your fault and that you can learn and do better. This is definitely why I love DS and DST through until today. I'm always excited to see what Klei adds next.