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  1. Maybe crafting recipies will change then, and we need just 1 fish for her things XD I'm down for that haha
  2. The fish don't stack in beta? -_- I hope that doesn't stick...
  3. I play solo and I only rush ruins as WX. Its the only place you can really get the most of his gear perk. If I played multi I would probably see more reason to rush ruins since when I come back I'll probably have a base and be ready to do dfly or bee queen, where if I rush ruins solo I'm coming back in time to get ready for winter and I haven't explored the top side map. I guess if you want to cave even in the first winter ruins might be a better place to start, as your exploration in finding ruins also finds you resources to stay down there, but I typically base top side through first deerclopse and moose goose season and then head to the caves first summer. Don't worry about what you come back with really... since having cleared the ruins its easy to get back there. The only major things to bring back is the magiluminescence and star callers staff. Thulecite crowns are good, but how often do you get hit early game to bother? These are great for late game hounds, maybe mosslings, but nothing else really needs them in the first year. I'd probably prefer thulecite club to the crown early because it can help speed up some fights like bee queen, dfly, mosslings, ect, and gives a little movement speed bonus before you get walking canes.
  4. So the new beta branch says Wurt loses more sanity for having bad fish in her inventory... but I don't feel she gains much when its alive... I haven't bothered to carry a fish with me. Anyone actually carry fish when playing as wurt? Does the beta branch include an unlisted buff for carrying fish that make it worth doing?
  5. Except the merm kind literally does spontaniously spawn merm guards when attacked.
  6. I wonder what the votes would be if people (like me) didn't vote yes thinking it was talking about the Lazy Forager... As for teleporting and Wortox - I think I'm with ADM. When you play Willow you wouldn't need scalemail, and certainly anyone can craft scalemail if they want fire immunity - but Willow wouldn't ignore her own fire immunity to use scalemail. However if the Lazy Explorer were easier to use than Wortox souls then Wortox might ignore his own teleporting ability in favor of the staff... That doesn't sound good to me. Also Willow's fire immunity - while essential to her character (in my opinion) isn't a covetous ability. Now if you gave all other characters easy access to minions on the caliber of Bernie or Abigail... That would be a similar intrusion as giving everyone easy access to teleports.
  7. thx @Thalkas that mod is exactly what I needed.
  8. My question, and my issue, is that I see an update that put world seeds back in the game (I believe these used to exist... sorta... but that it was axed at some point) and I want to utilize this. There is no other issue. thx
  9. so.... does that mean we can't use the worldseeds without modding...? Because that doesn't answer my question...
  10. A few months ago the game updated with this: World generation is now deterministic (ie seeding the world now works again) Is there a way I can take advantage of this without mods? A console command I can use to obtain the world seed, and respawn the world with said seed? I love that map I'm playing Wurt on, but I think I'm done playing Wurt.
  11. same... I'm thought it was Lazy Forager - which should be refuelable so I don't feel bad using it. If your Lazy Explorer runs out just craft a new one. Teleporting is a priviledge, not a right! Same - I missclick with it a lot. I'm not sure what could safeguard against missclicks without limiting its usefulness... I typically don't even bring the thing with me unless I'm specifically going to use it (like going to Atrium).
  12. That looks awesome! Definitely a feature, not a bug hehe
  13. Well spiders are one of the easiest NPC to set up and they are fun to use, but they can't harvest wood / stone and they eat food drops. When Webber first came out in DS I played him a lot because he had that minions play style. I think its a fair comparison to wurt who is obviously about that minion life. Merms have some problems. Their drops are kinda meh, its more difficult to farm them since they have more hp, have a kiting ai, and lose focus. Have to build them on swamp means even more set up. Fishes aren't super plentiful. On the plus side - they can harvest wood and stone, don't care about day / night cycle, and have a bit more health so they are more likely to live through 1-2 tree guards and still finish their harvesting job. I don't use them for fighting much since I've already become accustom to soloing everything, as such I don't mind their combat ai being a bit buggy, nor do I feel any need to rush Merm King. I agree with @ShadowDuelist that Wurt kinda overlaps Maxwell's play style of being the home-body. Builds a big base and never needs to leave, minions to do her bidding. I like her, but I'll probably revert to playing Willow or Wes after I've had my fun with her.
  14. Wolfgang Rework

    My first post in this thread: I'm not moving anything. Even considering historical context - body builders were never fast runners. The type of cardio and physique you need to be fast is very different from pushing the heaviest weights. Here is another set of images to illustrate my point: The year is 1936 and Jesse Owens took home 4 gold medals from Nazi Germany: Meanwhile Josef Manger took home the gold for the top division of weight lifting: Their bodies are built very differently, and that isn't an accident. Cardio is a recent fad for weightlifters with crossfit only being about 50 years old. As I said before the reasoning "Running fast takes strength => Strong people are fast" is an oversimplification. Strength is not interchangable like that, you get what you train for. This doesn't even have to do with only the extremes but at all ranges of the scale. A lighter person who only trains for short anearobic bursts isn't going to have the endurance to keep up a running pace even if theoretically their muscles could produce the explosive momentum to propel them forward. I struggle to find actual run times for these strongmen, but I have heard anecdotes that while they can lift 500kg they get winded walking to get their mail... Just check out the breakdown in this video - this is between champion crossfit Ben Smith and world champion strongman Brian Shaw. Just listen to the way they break down their routines for each other, and how quickly Brian completely throws out running (at {timestamp} ).
  15. Some questions

    Yes they all have health regen.