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  1. Dying is definitely my strong suit. I'm super blonde and usually forget something making everything hit the fan at some point. I'm also pretty good at deleting every world passed the first year.
  2. Seems to be this recurring theme of "Other characters can do it => Wolfgang not op" as if that is a valid argument. No one is saying the other characters are incapable or unplayable. Not even saying Wolfgang anymore in this thread really. All I'm saying is you cannot deny that his easy access to big damage is a massive boon. Wendy tier character power. Not even saying its a problem considering the way Klei has been going with the reworks either. Just quit acting like Wolfgang is somehow weak at 2x damage multiplier just b/c Winona can build catapults eventually... srsly had a comment "wes can beat bee queen as quick as wolfgang" yeah gl with that... There is value in clearing the bosses as quickly as possible. The earlier you get bundling wraps the earlier you can set up food storage to use those warly recipes. Getting furnace before first winter makes it easy to swap out heat stones, or super heat in winter gear rather than wasting time dealing with cold in other methods. ect It doesn't really matter that Wes can setup an army of bunnymen to clear Bee Queen if Wolfgang can do both bee and fly in the same amount of time in first autumn.
  3. I use: Geometric placement. I think its the most common mod in use lol Its so satisfying to have things placed properly. idk why the game dev's don't just build this in as a feature you can turn on / off, but since the mod is always available I'm fine with it. Combined status. I could play without this one and it wouldn't change much. It lets me see numbers without mousing over my stat bubbles. It exposes other things like moon phase and tempurature but I don't think these are as important to how I play. Very nice for newer players. Action queue - Yeah, like I want to have to click on every tuft of grass, twig, flint, blue mushroom, gear, wire, lol w/e Its a mess in this game and this helps me get the resources I want and not waste time. Total win. I kinda hate it when I accidently bump the button for "auto craft" or "auto pick up" and lose control for a moment but its k wormhole markers - simply color codes the wormholes so I don't have to do something else to remember where they go. I've done things like placing the same number of traps, or something next to matching wormholes and it always looks stupid. Without this I just wouldn't use wormholes ever. I forget the name but a mod for placing statues - super good if you want to place statues in any sort of design, whether for asthetics or function. Lets you place them in a straight or curved line with different spacing options. Very good, even though I don't use it very often since I'm obsessed with playing the first year-ish and committing suicide. I love mods and always think I should get into making them. I've modded other games before and had a blast doing it. Lua is just weird tho lol
  4. The votes are based on how they perform in a group. Wilson doesn't bring anything unique to his group, while Maxwell can bring resource generation. In this case boring is weak b/c having a Wilson on the team vs almost any other character is a loss.
  5. Sure, you can avoid it, or with Wolfgang and handful of mushrooms you don't care lol So I think the comment is a bit beside the point, but as Walter I use poop pellets to dodge bishop attacks, maybe I can try this too, thx.
  6. I don't feel the sanity aura is there to reinforced ranged combat. I think its there to reinforce a playstyle of damage avoidance. The quickest way to kill Deerclops (besides just picking Wolfgang lol) is to drop a firepit and tank her. If you take your time and kite her the sanity aura starts to take its toll and a terror beak might harass you mid fight. Walter doesn't have this worry, so he can safely kite out the fight and ace her without taking damage. I think the slingshot is supposed to be a more utility aspect of his kit then a central point. Its great for farming butterflies / birds / bunnys early game, controlling aggro of monsters, and lending some dps without distracting aggro control like with dfly, klaus, ect. That's why his elemental shots are more effective then a staff. But the slingshot never comes close to an effective dps weapon for ranged combat since you have to stand still for so long to fire it, very low rate of fire, low damage projectiles, I mean really I just get off Woby and hambat things to death lol but then I still get back up on Woby and run around without worrying about random bucks / where the roads are / whether I got a cane on this server or not, ect. If you think the slingshot is central to his kit then I can see why you think he's pretty bad. Damage avoidance isn't everyone's cup of tea either, as many people are more than willing to drop a fireplace and facetank the 'clops rather than kite her out. I like the damage avoidance playstyle though, and maybe that's part of why I like Walter. I do think the slingshot could use a bit of a buff though. Maybe speed up the attack animation a little, or let you move on Woby while firing idk, not a big deal to me though. I mean you say its "math" but I know that people can misuse math. Make the wrong assumptions on your variables and your outcome is wrong. From my experience Wolfgang is the easiest, and fastest ruins rush. I'm able to clear more, quicker, and with no more preparation than anyone else. I think you're making a few wrong assumptions, and it might by why you don't realize how good Wolfgang is. You seem to fear using the resources at your disposal. You don't wanna dig up blue caps. You know we got mushroom planters right? Even if I dig up 20 or so mushrooms there are a LOT more still in the ground eh? Similarly you can knock down pig houses. You get 2 cut stone a board and 2 pig skins each time. Takes very little to knock down 2-3 pig houses, you'll use the stone and boards for an alchemy engine anyway. If you come across a touch stone that's 8 quick pigskins too. If I find a touch stone early I usually just kill a beef or two and I'm ready for the ruins. If you don't like doing these things that's okay. There are some people who don't like knocking down pighouses, digging up mushrooms, burning trees for heat, ect BUT that's your choice in how you play and has little bearing with what we're talking about here. Knock down some pig houses, dig up some blue shrooms, and the Ruins are a VERY fast clear for Wolfgang. I think its great that you illustrate that kiting doesn't take much more time than taking, but do you know what takes even less time? 2x damage multiplier lol. A damage bishop is going to take about 18 attacks with a fresh hambat to kill. Its going to attack you about every 6th attack, with the first one coming around attack 2-3. You can't avoid this damage, so you're taking about 120 damage each time. Worse if you're tanking 2 bishops at once, about 240 during the first bishop and another 120 during the second. But Wolfgang can clear a bishop in 9 hits, which means he only takes 40 damage KO'ing a bishop, 120 for 2 at once. Every single time you engage in combat a 2x multiplier is going to help you save time AND resources. Food is not a very limited resource. I'm not worried about his hunger drain at all. I'm usually having food to rotten on me no matter how I play lol
  7. LOLOLOLOLO Are you a troll? Wolfgang isn't actually a big pick in the playerbase at large, he is a big pick for meta gamers. Check out any meta strats and they pretty much always start with Wolfgang to explore the map and clear all of the bosses first, then they come back with character swaps to build out the systems for farming. Your first time beating a boss means the most. Dfly before winter for free heat, Bee Queen asap to preserve the mountains of food that pile up, AG / Shadow Pieces / AFW to get that sweet helmet / armor and ruins reset, ect. You might not want to admit these things but go check out speed runs, Wolfgang almost every time.
  8. Digging up some blue mushrooms isn't that time consuming, and you only need like 20 or so. I never prepped for Wolfgang anymore than I prepped for other characters for ruins rush. imo only WX can prep less b/c gears give them more, but with Wolfgang's double damage he actually clears the ruins faster making up time. Depends on what you mean by rushing, and what you get out of it though. If you just want to clear the AG and make a few thulecite crowns anyone can do it pretty quick, but if you want to actually clear a decent chunk of the ruins Wolfgang is going to be best. Its not hard to stay pretty close to cap hunger even with the drain, I usually eat the blue mushrooms more for healing than I do hunger, and Wolfgang is going to take less damage b/c less time in combat = less damage. That's what I'm wondering... I'm guessing its due to lack of experience. I only just started playing him, but I'm finding him to be a great pick due to utility of the slingshot, mobility from Woby, and not worrying about sanity management most of the game. But I do play with a kiting playstyle, preferring to not take damage rather than tank through every fight. Its a bit annoying to manage his small stomach, but I'm getting better at it. Stacks of jerky and honey are where its at lol -------------------------------------------------- I haven't played new Wes yet. I was kinda on break from the game for a while, and playing it again now I usually defer Wes to my buddy who provides much more Wes fun than I do lol Any time he picks Wes I pick Warly and devote myself to cooking up crepes for him XD I'm kinda glad to hear new Wes has some up sides... but only kinda... b/c part of Wes is that he's supposed to be a downside. I guess the times, they are a changing lol
  9. Warly could definitely use an expanded set of recipes, especially ones for healing and sanity restoration since he can't spam perogies / shrooms / cactus / honey like everyone else.
  10. Its a time saver on any boss. The more HP the boss has, the more time is saved by having double damage. It also means quite a bit to ko a spider in a single hit, or a hound in 2 hits. Besides that you're cutting the time required for any farming task in half, 2 hits lets you kite in and out of hound attacks without taking damage even against multiple hounds, reducing their number by 1 each time. With that same setup and only 1x character multiplier you need 3 hits to kill a hound, which isn't enough time to kill one each cycle without tanking the horde. That's why he's such a popular meta pick for early game. Its easy power. Whether your opinion of this power is that it is too much or not is beside the point that there is a LOT of power in Wolfgang. He's the definitive combat character, with Wigfrid as a runner up for when your connection isn't peak, or you want to be more supportive.
  11. Might be, also might have something to do with players who see their character choice as a meta pick vs flavor pick. If you don't mind switching characters at the portal to get whatever you want you probably see Wolfgang as another tool at your disposal, like using a golden pickaxe. But if you don't like switching characters, you see an egregious imbalance that makes picking some characters "right" and others "wrong."
  12. Appeal to extremes eh? So if they put fun over balance they must NEVER balance their game? That's one way to look at it...
  13. Wolfgang gets a 100% damage increase in mighty form, what 2 other characters do that, and how much do you think Wigfrid, Wendy, and Warly do that they outclass THAT? lol
  14. I'm saying Wolfgang gets a 2x multiplier out the gate, and a speed boost - which both scale with all other damage and speed modifiers. Its a very hefty damage boost that lets him shred bosses like no other character can. You can say you don't think that is OP, that's okay, but acting like he doesn't have a massive amount of damage is just dishonest. Same as the ppl who act like Wendy has somehow taken over the game from Wolfgang, like yeah Abi helps a lot, she does a lot on her own, but Abi isn't a boss slayer. Like we can talk about this and be honest, right? And this is 100% beside the point of whether Wolfgang is OP or not because really, that's a matter of opinion. You might think Wolfgang is fine to have a massive amount of damage, or you might think that's a problem. But lets not pretend he's weak lol look up any speedrun and you'll see he's still the star of the show is almost every take lol