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  1. Its not hard to maintain mighty. I haven't had his transition animation be a problem b/c I don't lose mighty while doing anything that needs it. The closest is if I'm gaining mighty with a threat nearby, like if I'm fighting 2 terrorbeaks and slightly under mighty. Its an edge case, but dumbbells are cheap and even a stone one can pump you to mighty pretty quickly and maintain it while on the move... Sometimes you get punished for bad play.
  2. Wow, with that much time I could see this being really annoying in a game. It should allow you to progress about as fast as you can beat the bosses. Perhaps grandma's upgrades should be reconsidered to not include season lock since you must complete her house progress her. Not just about forcing someone who can complete her tasks so efficiently to still wait until summer, but also for players who miss collecting these flowers b/c summer is only 15 days and there are a lot of things to do in the game. I usually don't prioritize her tasks, so do them kinda half ass lol Like "Oh its raining, let me teleport an umbrella to grandma" and such lol. For me the summer ones are easy to forget since I'm usually doing many other things. I've often had to wait until second summer to come back to her stuff just b/c ck and cc aren't super high priority for me. btw - which tasks do you hit to get her done so quick? As I said I don't really have a focus on her, but if you have a shortlist of tasks you can hit so quickly it might help me to take your experience if you don't mind XD
  3. I get it - and generally I'm with you. BUT how much free time do you have when you rush till summer? Would this shave 20 days off of your speed run if you didn't have to wait for cactus? Just how much time are we talking about?
  4. I typically use 2 or 3 on the keyboard, but I have 5 buttons mapped to the first 5 inventory slots and use them a lot. I think part of why many players don't is because the numbers bind to an inventory slot but NOT a specific item. Lets say for example I have armor in 3 and I'm picking cactus. I equip the armor, which drops my backpack, I pick the cactus, then grab my backpack and continue. Now lets say do this pattern but my stack fills and the new cactus enters inventory slot 3 because it is the earliest empty slot. Now when I pick up my backpack I've got to move it over so my armor can return to slot 3. If I somehow overlook this (I am pretty blonde) I might just eat the cactus on accident when I try to equip the armor next time. I'd really like a future qol update to include type bindings so you can say "button 1 is an axe" rather than "button 1 is inventory slot 1." This way I can know I'm equipping an axe and not eating monster meat that I didn't notice I picked up...
  5. Not a big deal, but a bit frustrating... Usually when I do dfly with a damage mod I'll fight through the lavae and freeze if she spawns double. I pan flute on the last one and kill it while she's asleep to skip rage mode. If she double spawns I'll have one frozen and can't kill it while she's asleep :\ I get that it was annoying to have an attack target the frozen lavae while kiting dfly but I don't see the reason to prevent attacking them when frozen..
  6. I'm assuming I could still click to target it if I wanted it dead, it just won't take over f or ctrl+f
  7. Total revert but only for 24 hours lol
  8. Oh, it only needs 4 enrichments total? I thought it took 4 each stage. My math was way off then lol
  9. First day you can get glommer is day 11. Goop drops every 2-4 days. iirc a tree takes 16 goop to fully grow. Assuming you get goop as fast as possible day 43? I might be wrong, I haven't done a tall tree in a while, or very much so I could be off on the numbers.
  10. Thing is - you were getting better at the game because you used the rollbacks. You might have had some realization that you overestimated your skill with the game at some point, but your skill was still higher than if you hadn't used rollbacks, instead grinding through the first autumn every time you died to deerclops or some such. You got better using rollbacks. Realizing you weren't as skilled as you thought was less a flaw of rollbacks, and more recognition that while you had reached a skill plateau, there was still more mountain to climb. Console commands are a bit different aren't they? There is no menu to enable god mode, generate items, etc. The console is literally that, they've exposed the game console. This is different then a menu item to pause the game, kick a player, or roll back a world. Rollbacks imo are on tier with changing worldgen settings.
  11. There has been no response probably for 2 reasons. First off - most people who cared were in the beta which started late February, so this new release didn't bring any new information or surprise changes. Secondly - Klei took what I felt was the most important criticisms and balanced them with their core beliefs on the balance of Wolfgang. What they arrived on was great, you're no longer required to stop all game activity just to maintain mightiness. You can maintain it through standard active play. There was a little extra that got added, but then cut :\ It was a fun and challenging addition but was likely too difficult to balance in a way that was both meaningful yet not crippling. Not that I don't think there is still room for improvement (there always is) but as he sits Wolfgang is in a great spot. As an aside - Klei was not wrong that those who disliked the Wolfgang refresh were a vocal minority. Wolfgang's play rates didn't drop off at all post refresh. Still I feel the original design of Wolfgang was inherently flawed and I'm glad Klei honestly considered the feedback and made adjustments. Sometimes arguments sound hostile, but we need to argue about things and let our points contend or we'll never know which is right.
  12. Personally - I feel very guilty when I use a rollback to save a run. I do it a lot to practice things, but if I do it in a run to maybe practice the thing I failed doing I'll delete the run afterwords. That's for me solo, in groups I generally give mild resistance to roll backs but I'm okay if ppl do. I don't consider them cheating b/c really that's kinda the point, they are your save files. When I play an rpg or something those save points are the life line. I'm not going to restart a game just b/c I died. If someone wants to play DST that way that is entirely up to them and their group. Especially on console I'd suggest ppl feel free to use it b/c they can't use console commands to set up practice situations either. Edit - Contrary to what other ppl have said, I would encourage new players to use rollbacks a lot. Deerclops just spawned on you and you weren't able to fend it off? Roll back and try again. Keep trying. Feel free to mess up, get experimental, and even if you *succeed* at the task roll back again and try another go. Practice. This game requires a lot of knowledge and understanding that you won't develop if you just take the L from something like a boss or a late game hound wave every time. Just make sure your focus is on learning and improving, and recognize that learning and improving on recovering from death is also important (so note what things could help you recover next time - like pre-crafting a fire and indo pit, opening up more cave entrances to duck into, get used to torching trees, OH YEAH - and actually crafting res items lol)
  13. But will it overtake Uncompromising Mode for forum clutter? lol
  14. For summers I like a lux fan + thermal / eyebrella, or a frosty Chester + thermal. So convenient if you're not going into caves.
  15. As the console is just an input for code, the answer is generally yes... but you'll need to understand how that code works. With admin access you can basically do anything in game you want with code. The modding forums are probably a good place to hit up, and also check for some lua guides online. Lua is the language DST uses.