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  1. But you have to use the default one otherwise you get the broken one again, so its no about overwriting it (It could be happening you just have 2 broken presents and overwrite the broken1 with the broken2. = same error)
  2. I could simply costumize the default one and overwrite the broken one.
  3. Yeah. I am sorry but I just could not find out what I did wrong. Thank you so much I love your game so much and was really sad it was broken.
  4. Ah I solved the problem by accident ^^ I figured out if you use WorldGen mods to create a present and try to use the present the game crashes even if the menu shows no more moded Worldgen and everything seems normal (Settings).
  5. Just yet I tried out the default present and I had no Error, apparently I would like to use a diffrent worldgen :/
  6. I have several world edit mods but they were all turned off. Also I reinstalled DST
  7. Maybe you can reproduce the error if you have the same modified present How can I copy the present?
  8. First of all let me Thank you for looking into the problem. It seems the "fix" did not fix something at all. Same error message.
  9. I deactivated ALL mods including the client mods like always on status. And no I have not.
  10. Hello DST Team, If I want to host a new, vanilla game DST stops to work and I get the error: #[string "scripts/map/level.lua"]:103 bad argument #1 to "pairs" (table expected, got nil) ... I will send more Information if you want fix this error. Thanks in advance client_log.txt
  11. In this topic I would like to talk about mod-ideas. Feel free to write CONSTRUKTIVE-Kritcs and new ideas. I only play DST with mods. On one day I had a problem. I had 600 honey and 200 monster meat (Food preservation on 1000%) in my freezer, but I cloud not cook it because it would take too long, so my idea was to have an crock pot which allows to cook in 20 stacks. - This should stack also the time so for example an Burger needs 2min 20Burger need 40 min. (So I do not need to care about it and cloud go on expeditions) - It should be expensive to craft (With gears) Greetings your Master