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  1. thank you for help .i will try to delete some savegames. im so excited.problem is solved.I will never use this mod again.He took me two days to correct my mistake.
  2. Have you tried to restart steam? yes! Have you tried to verify the integrity of the game cache? yes! Can you attach a copy of your log.txt file found under Documents\Klei\DoNotStarve? Can you try and make the game executable called "dontstarve_steam.exe" in Steam\steamapps\common\dont_starve\bin to Run this program as administrator in its Compatibility Properties? (Right click dontstarve_steam.exe > Properties > Compatibility > Enable Run this Program as Administrator > Apply > Ok) Useless!
  3. i feel the game hasnt saving and writing files power
  4. 我点击开始但它没有开始 我不知道如何解决它。我想玩哈姆雷特 QQ视频20181112110926.mp4