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  1. Hello. I make simple food, items and character mod somtimes. But i'm not really good at coding so mostly my idea could not exist. Have you played halloween food & recipes mod? Or Christ mas mod? If you tried that before than it would better to get what I mean. I want to make more fun and detail mods with someone who is good at coding. for example i want to make pumpkin man house -pumpkin man only come out at night and hates people who has sweets in their inventory (so attack them) -wall , turfs and some kind of decoration build with effects and perks if you are looking for art worker for your mods join me. We can help each others. Please let's make mods together. contact me in here or Steam Thank you for read this. Hope you get what I mean! *you can check my art work skills in Steam https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1600304892