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  1. Could it possibly be due to the fact that the servers were not able to connect to each other and it just went into full reboot mode so it could make a new world and try to re establish connection between both the servers? That'd be quite weird,especially since I do not have the best internet and maybe due to some reason that could've caused it(since there have been sometimes where I would lag and get the disconnection symbol in the top corner on my own server).But then again I don't really know how it'd work that way. Also I will try what you said. Once again thank you for the suggestions. Cheers
  2. @Zillvr Hello again, to answer your question, no, we were not in the caves,everyone was at the camp up top.Also wouldn't a mod just crash the server and not restart it, and there were no new mods added we played up to day 390 something so if it would've been a mod wouldn't it have happened earlier and not so late, that too when we were not really doing or using anything in relation to any of the mods. Also no worries, right now opinions and suggestions matter since I really would like to know what actually caused the issue so if we create another server we can prevent it from happening again plus ruining the game experience and wasting our time.
  3. Thanks for getting back to me @Zillvr . Firstly as I stated, we were infact alive at the moment and none of us were ghosts.Also the server was on endless mode. And since I was the admin/host,No commands were entered. Though I would like you to know that we did run the same (and more) mods on a non cave server before this,and had no issues there reaching day 971 or something around that. Well its really sad I cant get back the old server but I would still like to know what might have caused it so it wouldnt happen again server_log_2016-05-22-12-30-47.txt server_log_2016-05-22-12-30-47.txt
  4. We were playing as usual on a caves server I created and the world randomly reset itself.The server received a world reset request somehow acc to the log. I did check the server log and found this : [03:15:05]: Spawning player at: [Load] (-139.84, 0.00, -104.91) [03:15:10]: PREFAB SWAP TRIGGER: none [03:19:53]: Serializing user: session/4B9755AEA320D264/KU_uNc8Pz2b_/0000000413 [03:19:53]: Serializing user: session/4B9755AEA320D264/KU_j7WnSxhi_/0000000413 [03:19:53]: Serializing user: session/4B9755AEA320D264/KU_4T75gh7v_/0000000413 [03:19:54]: Serializing world: session/4B9755AEA320D264/0000000413 [03:20:19]: Received world reset request As it stands now, the server is back to day 1 on a whole new world.Is there a way to revert back to my old world? I cant rollback either since its just day 1.