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  1. It just happened to me yesterday, so it's still not working, but it seems to be random, cause my beefalo were duplicating even when I was not riding them. I think the problem might be being the last person to leave a dedicated server while holding the bell- I could leave the bell on the ground so my beefalo never leaves, but I don't want her to undomesticate if others play for a long time
  2. Whenever my beefalo is bonded, and I leave, it produces an extra unbonded, domesticated version of itself, I have an older image here of coming back to find my beefalo I dislike this exploit since it takes a lot of resources to domesticate a beefalo, and it should not be done for free. I was hosting a dedicated server with caves if that helps.
  3. @darionco I guess I should expand on the feedback you've provided. For the flag I think that there should be buffs/defuffs for the followers/individual stealing it. some stats for the flag holder could be: -Lowered Movement Speed -Lowered Attack +Defense +Infinite Light Source While for the team members around them would get: +Movement Speed +Attack +Small HP Regen I think that this would encourage teamplay since it will be a lot harder to sneak off with the flag while glowing, slow, and lowered attack. With a team, your light could help defend from darkness as well as your buffs could help your team members defend you and help push back to base. I forgot that the spiders were friendly to your team, to be honest, I think that they should be a neutral mod that is more of a source of revenue than defense since they are weak and plentiful- especially if you're considering adding better defense options. This way players can have less risk getting attacked when farming money, it would suck to get a stack of gold just to be killed on enemy turf and have it stolen away. I think players should only enter enemy territory to push them back instead of grinding resources. Just now I got the idea of having resource farms, and resources (grass, twigs, logs, stone, plants, ect) could be traded in for gold so players can forage for gold instead of fighting (might be a broken idea considering wickerbottom's books, but just a random thought) While I do agree that some characters should have special defense options, there should be a general thing for everyone (Houndious Shootious. clockwork respawns, anenemies/toothtraps) Nothing too extreme- but still some small money sinks if no one wants to play support. I do understand that this is still a work in progress, just spitballing what I see would be balanced and fun- even if it doesn't actually turn out that way. If you wanna reach out to me you can find me on discord as Laptop the Hyper#2319. You'll have a better chance reaching out to me since I rarely use the fourms, and am always on discord. I also like hanging around on (Don't starve discord server) if you want to discuss it in public.
  4. I really like this idea, but I could leave my personal takes: -Flag Concept: I think that the piggy back should be replaced with the marble statues of some type, if that is too slow, maybe make it so you move faster near team members to encourage team pushes instead of just sneaking around while everyone is distracted. -Map Design: I think it would be a fun idea if the islands were not directly connected to each other and players could build a series of boat bridges. This would allow players to come up with a great flank, while also allowing players to burn down bridges if their team is venerable. To stop players from sailing around the entire map, a small 1 turf river could surround the map, or the edge of the world, so it is not wide enough for players to sail/build around. I guess while also on the concept of map design, maybe make the route less direct, as well as having the spawn room in-between the flag and the front lines. This way players have the chance to catch up to the other team if their flag is stolen. -Game Mechanics: I really like the gold system, and I defiantly think it can be expanded on- I think it would be a good idea if players could spend their gold for defensive structures such as extra wasp/spider nests, and maybe some more friendly clockworks. Maybe players should start with less of them so they are more concerned about being defenseless than instantly rushing in to get the flag. I also think to counter this, a beefalo mount could be purchased for a very hefty price to prevent the game from entering a stalemate phase. Maybe have some recipes require lucky gold, which is only given out after 15 minutes to prevent teams from progressing too fast. I have not played it myself, but I would be willing to help beta test to get an idea of how everything is balanced. I hope my criticism and ideas help, and I am looking forward to seeing progress on this in the future.
  5. I can't believe this, after everything I've done for them. I bet they didn't even credit me. Oh wait they posted the video. you absolute moron, how could you mistake a video for a photograph. It was also under a hidden tab which most people will just scroll over.
  6. I built an ottoman chair my house and when it was placed it was not visible and it took up a lot of space, on top of that I couldn't destroy it. Don't Starve 11_14_2018 8_23_10 PM_Trim.mp4
  7. NEW UPDATE, DO YOUR HYPE DANCE (i wonder if the pets would be good for krampus farming... Kappa)