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  1. I like this idea, It reminds me of 3 people shuffling around a fire trying to cook stuff without giving their stack of food to each other. It happens way too much and this would make it a lot less time consuming without changing the gameplay.
  2. So with the addition of the strident trident, I was wondering if it could have the function to launch and beach bull kelp. As of right now after picking all beached bull kelp stalks from the lunar island and the moon fragment island, the only other way to get kelp stalks would be through ocean debris and it's an incredibly small drop chance. You could use gnarwail horns and boats to push them towards but given that you may have a bay for collecting them it can be incredibly time consuming and difficult to push them even across or around a single biome. At the moment the strident trident's geyser breaks sea stacks, wobster dens, salt formations and even boats in the ocean, damages mobs and launches both fish and items but it has no interaction whatsoever with bull kelp. I think the ability to launch and beach bull kelp using the geyser so that you can plant it at your preferred location would be a great additional function for the strident trident to have as kelp isn't by any means overpowered and make obtaining large amounts of stalks much easier and would make regaining the bull kelps for a farm if they burn from say lightning or a fire hound much easier than it is currently, but not easy to the point of it being repairable with little to no effort.
  3. I can't believe this, after everything I've done for them. I bet they didn't even credit me. Oh wait they posted the video. you absolute moron, how could you mistake a video for a photograph. It was also under a hidden tab which most people will just scroll over.
  4. I built an ottoman chair my house and when it was placed it was not visible and it took up a lot of space, on top of that I couldn't destroy it. Don't Starve 11_14_2018 8_23_10 PM_Trim.mp4
  5. NEW UPDATE, DO YOUR HYPE DANCE (i wonder if the pets would be good for krampus farming... Kappa)