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  1. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    Although this is relevant to the meme thread and it is just a joke towards Klei Entertainment it rubs me the wrong way. Please be mindful what are you posting cause people don't take jokes seriously as always.
  2. Let me rephrase about the spotlights themselves. Unlike mushlights which give off light on a certain area spotlights work the exact opposite of it, it focuses the light from the closest player henceforth the name spotlight. Mushlights are better due to their stationary nature of light its just that spotlights will take as an alternative solution before acquiring a more suitable permanent lighting.
  3. There is nothing to work to strive a goal on a long term server for new players. There's still elements of surviving up until you reach the headquarters but all has been taken care of. It kills the motivation of why to play the game especially for those who play Klei's servers because it is already been done by another player. Long term servers become social public servers in that regard.
  4. Then you are asking yourself to have long term players have the balance of power on their side. I do respect your own playstyle but the Klei servers are for everyone and I mean "everyone" even including lawless players. How about hosting your own server instead or play on player hosted server? These servers are meant to reset again and again for the sake of replayability and you want to bottleneck one good thing that these servers provide for entertainment. Long term servers have no fun for new players who enter the world. There's no survival that thrills the player only comfort that makes people bored. And it is the exact reason why public servers like Klei reset again and again. It is for the replayability of the game, one of the aspects of the developers want to incorporate into.
  5. With the case of Klei Entertainment making the first three skin sets it is an unintentional slap in the face indeed to make them do that but for a noble cause. I understand their cause but at least make the upcoming Heirloom rarity skins become tradable and marketable as of a result. And if possible the listed items on the Steam Market will undergo the changes that they need.
  6. @PeterA Will the Heirloom rarity skins carry as well from the Steam Market when the update for it goes live? Practically what I'm saying is when the game updates itself the current GoH, Triumphant, and the Survivor from the market will go from Elegant to Heirloom.
  7. My own problem from this is that by stating either in explicit or implicit forms what characters you main actually gives a certain feel to it of again "bias" on the tier list. Overall the tier list provided in general is too broad and there is not enough specificity and the intentions aren't well cleared at the start of the discussion. If you want to provide the best for the discussion I would dearly recommend repurposing and going to a specific topic with short descriptions not blatantly posting a character list without the said recommendations.
  8. At the start there is too much bias from the character tier list especially WX-78. Your own username clearly states that@Averagewx78main. Even though WX-78 is powerful especially in Shipwrecked and Hamlet due to the availability of gears and lightning strikes which makes it to the top of the tier list, the fact that other characters can rival WX-78. As an example Wickerbottom can rival in terms of production of nettles and Woodlegs beating out WX-78 in the game of treasure hunting.
  9. I will probably be honest as well as a rarity like the Heirloom that provides a better provision of spools when unraveled but it makes no sense to unravel a skin with that kind of rarity and that has a higher perception from players when it comes to the value on its own and to top it off there would be a defined number of Heirloom rarity skins that will be available. The statement conflicts with each other and I find it ironic.
  10. @JoeW I have a question in regards to the Heirloom rarity skin, would be the skin with that rarity be a tradable or a marketable good or even both? I want an urgent answer for that matter. A preemptive thanks for you @JoeW! Edit: Along the lines of are we gonna have a way to gift the Triumphant, Survivor, and GoH to one of my acquaintances and the same along the lines of paid characters as well?
  11. Where's my wallet gone to???
  12. This would be the one time I have come so fast when I'm done doing my reality check. Time to indulge and waste important hours playing Don't Starve Together. :3
  13. Recipe Book Crashes and Glitches

    I have this kind of bug as well with or without modifications especially client side. I do hope for a fix on the recipe list.