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  1. My issue with this is that the native moon shard wobster dens are nowhere to be seen and I tried looking for the wobtser_den_spawner_shores which as of the recent She Sells Sea Shells update are littered on the shores of the main land and the lunar island which again aren't existing. There's no problem about the wobster dens since I got a glimpse that they actually been retrofitted when I sailed around on summer. My only help for this is that this is a surface server only and this world was made in the Salty Dog update.
  2. Here's a showcase of my ship that aims in sustaining characters out of the open sea with some style on top. This is my go to ship for long running saves when I'm feeling up sailing the seas, fishing out shoals and stray schools of fish, and looking for message in a bottle for some sunken treasure. It is a well rounded boat that can be used on every season in mind. It features the following: Two crock pot setup with a salt box and icebox for prolonging freshness of food. With the icebox working as a cooler for your thermal stones in case of summer heat. Four tin fishing bins where two are dedicated for ice breams and scorching sun fish and the remaining for live fish. A tackle receptacle for crafting lures and baits on the go. A science machine for opening gifts. A lightning rod for lightning strikes when spring rains starts its shenanigans. Two mushlight as a replacement for firepit in order not to waste resources for fire. A scaled chest for the equipment specialized to operate under the harsh seasons and three chest for storage. Two winged sail, an anchor and a steering wheel. I haven't bothered putting up a tent or a siesta lean-to, an ice flingomatic and a scaled furnace because they'll be specifically designed to deal with their respective seasons and will be useless outside of what they need to deal with and there are portable versions which saves much space and does the job fine.
  3. This basically removes the difficulty spike in fighting the Toadstool of both versions. If you subject the Toadstool into a far longer distance than what it supposed to wander the AI for the Toadstool subjects itself to move and go back as its first priority giving you free hits. With a lureplant there's no way for the Toadstool to go back and you can kill it without any worry. This is a screenshot on how this works Here's the video link:
  4. Here are some screenshots regarding the matter. This can be replicated on a legitimate playthrough and for transparency that this isn't a hoax the time in the game isn't edited and a particular video released for public knowledge will be linked here. The screenshots will be at sequential order by the steps below. Here's the video link:
  5. As you can see the sinkhole spawned on the boat itself on a legitimate playthrough as I'm quite curious on the interaction between sinkholes and boats.
  6. I'm amazed that someone other than myself actually found one fatal flaw upon the Crab King's design. Here's a screenshot regarding the post mentioning killer bees as a way to defeat the Crab King.
  7. As you see Imposing Claws can be telelocated away using a telelocator staff.
  8. I prefer this way since these make quite a good decoration especially if you want to make a land ship decoration with the use of turfs and walls. Also it makes quite a good flag with the roseate skin on. So Klei don't fix this as much as it isn't logical as it sounds.
  9. An insane pull off of killing the Toadstool at the near end of the autumn season. An endurance battle of who stands the longest wins.
  10. You have made me alive again. Alleluia! This is the peak of content creation.
  11. Although this is relevant to the meme thread and it is just a joke towards Klei Entertainment it rubs me the wrong way. Please be mindful what are you posting cause people don't take jokes seriously as always.
  12. This would be the one time I have come so fast when I'm done doing my reality check. Time to indulge and waste important hours playing Don't Starve Together. :3
  13. I have this kind of bug as well with or without modifications especially client side. I do hope for a fix on the recipe list.