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  1. The Obligatory Forum Upgrade Thread

    I agree. Edit: Jumpy Minespatch Edit: The words needs a bit of fixing on fitting.
  2. How Would you Fix Woodie/Werebeaver?

    Actually, you don't.
  3. For this order I'll make counter arguments and opinions related to the colored text in both yours and mine. Note: Don't read it with a harsh tone but rather a tone where a person questions and explains. These seemingly players can be agree upon as they don't care about a base's beauty and organization but some of these players can perceive a base's beauty and organization. It's about the decision of theirs only and this decision is only subjective. At first glance, these players do want destruction and disorder but going deep through, why would they do that? Your answer can be only a part of why but there are numerous reasons not just for mere satisfaction. This I can't agree because there are players even with that kind of reputation they can be collectively be nice whether their feelings are true or just an illusion for their scheme. There are probabilities of players that matters on surviving and befriending players before they make up their elaborate scheme. Not all players are destructive but some are manipulative. For the main topic, the neatness of one's base design and even its creative design can affect a man's decision to do or not to do this kind of action. But it all comes to the opinions, knowledge and state of the person which will be the outcome of the decision.
  4. screen shot show case

    All hail the Dragon Queen and her lavae offsprings.
  5. I'm imagining that I hosted that server, my PC would kill itself.
  6. That one player that came to your base and do nothing but eat and explore near the base you made.
  7. Caboodle of Know-Hows

    It should if you made it as intended. But for help can you give some screenshots? Also all of your actions taken.
  8. Caboodle of Know-Hows

    As for the busy time I've had, I made few progress towards editing the thread. But I may sure to edit the thread on the weekends if possible. Only a note for people waiting for this. Also there are incomplete post on the main post.You could read it and I'll not be bothered about it. Anyways those are my announcements on this thread. I hope to finish it first and then let this be pinned but due to real life circumstance I've no time. Sorry for the inconvenience
  9. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Welcome! Hello fellow Don't Starve fanatics. I am a Klei Entertainment forum member named @Aeschwutz and I'm here to welcome you about, well a Don't Starve Together mod brewed up by the Unnatural Selection developers called Unnatural Selection. This mod will certainly brew up new and interesting content for all of Don't Starve players alike towards the PC version, whether if you're a starting beginner or a experienced veteran you'll find this mod amusing. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ History of Unnatural Selection Unnatural Selection came from first as a rebalance idea that would fix certain issues that most Don't Starve players complained. Then it came from a point in the story that late game became ordinary and could be describe as boring and how the summer season was implemented poorly. Now the idea grows indefinitely as it ended up coming with wondrous ideas of filling the cave with flora and fauna, putting off a challenge that extends gameplay for a good amount of time and new entities for the summer season and still kept growing. The idea now as a mod concept idea became in time named "Unnatural Selection" that came from the idea of "natural selection" except that they put up of twist to make it original and representable. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Unnatural Selection General Discussion Thread As of notice all information people seen beforehand on this thread was filled on the General Discussion thread with a notice towards the lead developer himself. Sorry for the inconvenience due to the thread cleaning. Unnatural Selection Known Issues Thread This thread is where bug reports and crashes should be reported if using Unnatural Selection. Unnatural Selection Frequently Asked Questions Thread Frequently asked questions for you convenient matters. Unnatural Selection Suggestions and Concepts Thread A thread for your piling thoughts to spill up. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Follow The Mod:Discord: Wikia: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ As of now the welcome thread will improve its information and credibility. It will need time and verification of almost all truths in order for this welcome thread credible.
  10. New Scales Farm Idea!

    A Certain Discord Chat Discussion Starring: @Fidooop @Aeschwutz @Mr.P @Sketched_Philo @JellyUltra @Master Jand @KoreanWaffles
  11. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    Low effort MS Paint Meme.
  12. You're a madman ;-; Edit: You are nightmare fuel itself. Edit: Give @Fidooop a title worthy of the name Unnatural Selector. Edit: Edit: Devotion to (Fidoop) @Fidooop - I have the tendency to write his username wrong Edit: He really deserves it as part of my numerous edits. Soo please.......... give him a title.
  13. Don't worry I noted only one dev to spread to all other devs about Unnatural Selection. @Fidooop