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  1. The Forge Has Ended

    Well klei, thanks a lot for this event I loved it, every time I played it felt different, and always, always fun. The achievements were amazing, only missed 7 . I hope that everyone loved this as much or more as I did, and ofc, I look forward for more awesome content. The skins prices in my opinion I think it was really fair, and with that I hope that the incoming was enough to keep doing awesome content like this.
  2. Will these new skins drop on the forge mod ?
  3. thanks a lot for doing this klei I've the game at my wishlist since february 16th, and own all your games. I'm only missing the necrodancer dlc's and soundtrack, and somehow i missed this amazing gift i'll just put myself in a hole
  4. Hi, first of all, sorry if this isn't the proper place do post my problem So, sometimes i use some kind of teleport like my game crash,teleport like, /portal, or the bell from the islands mod, the ring from soulmates, or even /tp to someone. btw, at my logfile i notice that the gpu the is detected is my last one, i got a new one a month ago
  5. yup, probably would be the same
  6. Or some retailer here, but that sounds more difficult
  7. same, for me the prices are all fine, tbh if i was from usa i probably would buy all the figures but order them to here, pay the shippings plus the customs, well it's something. but i understand the shipping costs, it just too much for me
  8. i would love to have some of those plushes, but the shipping costs for europe are really expensive and most of the things ordered from usa get all stuck at customs
  9. [Game Update] - 180814

    with trading cards you call sell them, or complete the full set and make one bagde with that badge you earn 100 xp to your steam profile, and one background and one emotic of the game
  10. [Game Update] - 180814

    awesome thanks
  11. [Game Update] - 180814

    so nice, can you show the emotic you got and the background?
  12. [Game Update] - 180814

    btw, i love the trading cards