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  1. Ban Dongs because I disappeared from the forums for a while.
  2. Ban Paxtonnnn because his profile picture is an optical illusion; is it rolling clockwise or counter-clockwise?
  3. Ban stef because that is exactly what I said in my previous post
  4. Ban Gamertron because I want I title but if I say that I want a title I won't have a title.
  5. Ban stef because I'm finally close to getting a best friend.
  6. Ban LadyD because I finally reached 100 reputation points
  7. Ban Giddyguy because they changed profile picture and I thought they were someone else.
  8. Ban LadyD because I am listening too much Steven Universe music. *cough*
  9. Ban LadyD because I was trying to say that this thread is not ridicol- but I don't know how to spell that word.
  10. Ban Stef for not taking a moment to think of just flexibility love and trust. (?)
  11. Ban Paxtonnnn because I already noticed, but I can't change it
  12. Ban Gamertron for talking about skype in his post, too
  13. Ban stef because I wanted to ban GiddyGuy but I didn't have the chance.
  14. Ban Gamertron7500 for wanting to change ban reasons.
  15. Ban Dannyrulx for making me notice my mistake. I edited now.