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  1. A great update as always, well done, Klei! I love how the sea is getting biome variety and also how the major issue of starving on the ocean is becoming less of a threat (e.g.: you now can rely on shark meat of barnacles rather than only seeds from every now and then - plus what you prepeared before setting sail, of course.) As for ideas for the Quality of Life update, I'd like to propose some to be up for debate, I do hope that's alright: Like you did with Wilson's beard before, I'd love to see special flowertrails for Wormwood's skins. Finding the Crab King is quite the tedeious task it would be ever so great if perhaps Pearl's Pearl would reveal its location the same way a Thulecite Amulet does for the Ancient Key. Perhaps also touching on the boss' perma-stun mechanic and doing something against it would be great. I don't really know if you guys go back to previous character refreshes - in my opinion Woodie could use an ever-so-slight tweak. As it stands the Weremoose is a tad bit weak when it comes to giants or raid boss fights. Don't get me wrong, it's crowd controlling charge is great as is, but even when fighting seasonal dangers, you'd be better off staying human, since a Weremoose could be substituted by a good enough armor and a Ham Bat. Maybe a Wigfrid-like healing mid-combat, or a slight damage increase (perhaps up to Dark Sword levels) could make him more viable in this regard. Or perhaps Klei never intended the Weremoose to be used against raid bosses, and I might be wrong. I'm interested to see what others think about these. Thank you for reading through this! Keep up the good work, Klei!
  2. Hey, guys! I'm working on a modded character called Franklin the Oversized Scientist. He would have a special item called the Assistant Contract. He could give it to somebody, the person could sign it, then he would become an assistant. And the contract lasts till he's dead. After they became partners they would get a science boost when standing near each other. So if they stay near each other, they would get a science boost of one. But only they two, noone else. I've experimented with the "prototyper" component, but I can't seem to find any success. Could someone help me solve this one? I would really appreciate it! ^^