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  1. Good morning @Zillvr, I followed the setup guide elsewhere in these forums and was actually able to get everything working properly through some basic troubleshooting. So basically, starting over from scratch, using the most up-to-date guide seemed to work! I also had to page through a couple of pages to find a fix for something fairly simple. I am running into another issue with my servers randomly resetting however. So that is slightly annoying. From what I have read however, it may be tied to the number of players that I have set for the server to use. So perhaps I can just decrease the number of players and hopefully those random resets will subside. Thank you for the response though!
  2. Good morning all! I seem to have gotten nearly everything up and running properly with all of the help and assistance in this forum thread. However, there is just one other thing that I cannot seem to pin down and get working properly. So my Master server starts up just fine with no issues at all. Wonderful, I can connect to this Master server using the server browser with no issues at all. However, when I look at the SteamCMD interface for the Caves server, it cannot seem to connect to the Master server, and continuously retries, over and over again, to no avail. See the screenshot below: I apologize if this has already been resolved earlier on in this document. Below are the settings for my Master and Caves server.ini files. Master server.ini [NETWORK] server_port = 11000 [SHARD] is_master = true [STEAM] master_server_port = 27018 authentication_port = 8768 Caves server.ini [NETWORK] server_port = 11001 [SHARD] is_master = false name = Caves [STEAM] master_server_port = 27019 authentication_port = 8769 My folder structure for the DST_Server Folder structure for the Caves folder I think this has something to do with the Caves server.ini file, but again I have no idea why it cannot connect to the Master server. Any help would be appreciated!