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  1. About the only thing here that I think is interesting is the fact that Bernie will fight and taunt most hostile creatures when near insanity. This probably means everything but boss monsters and maybe a few special exceptions (like Krampus). Every other change is simply underwhelming (sorry Klei). So, the question becomes exactly how useful Bernie will be. How effective is his taunting, how much of a beating can Bernie take, does Bernie regenerate health and how much damage will Bernie do? If done correctly, Willow could be an ideal character for those players that like to run near insanity 24/7. If done poorly, then Willow will be just as scarce post update as she currently is right now. Overall, I'm not nearly as excited about the Willow update as I was for Winona. I guess we'll have to wait and see though, I could still be surprised.
  2. As soon as the Pesticide-o-matic is introduced into the game, I'll turn diseases back on in my worlds. Until then, I'll keep them toggled off.
  3. I don't know anything about sporechid germs, so I can't give any definitive advice. However, I did accidentally contaminate a fresh water supply with quite a bit of food poisoning. I simply cut off the supply of germs and waited about 15 cycles and eventually the germs died off on their own. Any chance that might work for your situation?
  4. Very odd but given that it's happened to both you and the OP, it definitely gives more credence to the possibility of a bug than just some anomaly of unlikely circumstances. I'll play around and try to replicate it myself because I find this quite interesting.
  5. That sounds plausible. I'll try and replicate the bug as well. Any other information you can provide that might have caused the lureplants to behave this way?
  6. No, it's not. It's just rare but not impossible. And your caps lock key doesn't change that fact
  7. Your knowledge is lacking. For starters, the OP said a single lureplant had over 1200 rot but he didn't say he only planted a single lureplant for his lure farm. It's much more likely that if you're planting a lureplant farm, you're going to plant many. So, you take many lureplants and multiple frog rains, it's not hard to get over 1000 kills. (Hell, I've seen 1000s of rot by running through beefalo herds after a frog rain or two, they're just scattered all over the place). Then, you have some or all but one lureplant die for some reason. The reasons are irrelevant unless that reason is a bug. The leftover crap that those plants had are left behind for the remaining lureplant to snatch up. Now you have a single lureplant with over 1000 kills worth of crap waiting to rot. Just because you lack the knowledge to explain something doesn't mean it's a bug. Do some testing first and find the truth instead of just passing off your alleged knowledge as absolute fact. You can be (and in this case are likely) wrong.
  8. No, I'm telling you to replicate the bug if you're so sure. Use console commands if you want.
  9. Okay, you replicate the bug and come back with the results. I'll be waiting with bated breath.
  10. Ever heard of frog rain? I've had some Spring months have multiple frog rains that last for long periods of time. Is it common? No. Is it possible? Absolutely. Couple a few frog rains with the random critters it eats and leave it alone for many months and voila, a lure plant with over 1280 kills. I doubt it's a bug. Probably just an unusual set of circumstances that were bound to happen to somebody.
  11. I don't think the game should give anyone a tutorial on liquidlocks. The entire game is pretty much designed so that people are encouraged to come up clever ways to solve whatever issues their colony is having, not to mention that anyone having trouble figuring out how to separate gasses will can easily find a tutorial/guide that leads them to liquidlocks. Besides, I don't think it was the developers intentions to make such a clever use of game mechanics the primary method of separating gasses, so having a tutorial on how to build them within the game kind of goes against the spirit of the game. It's much more likely that the devs wanted players to use airlock doors and try to rig up something that works for them, much like what Gus is suggesting, it's just that liquidlocks are simply better in every way. Until the effectiveness of liquidlocks is addressed, airlocks will simply be obsolete. The real question becomes, is that really a bad thing? It could just be a philosophical choice for the player. If a player wants to stay as true to the developers intentions as possible, they can simply choose not to use liquidlocks, going for a more traditional solution such as airlocks. If a player doesn't really care and just wants to play as optimally as possible, they will just use liquidlocks. I'm not sure it's really an issue that needs a 'fix' per se, it really boils down to what's fun for everyone and frankly, if the developers mind that people are cheesing an aspect of their game in such a way.
  12. I think this problem is two-fold. The first problem is exactly what the OP said. Airlocks as they exist now just don't function very well at all. Every time a dupe uses it, air is going to escape. Even building 4 or 5 airlocks back to back, you still risk air seeping through. Also, airlocks are extremely slow opening and closing, wasting your dupe's precious time. In a nutshell, they're just kind of bad. The second problem are that the custom made liquidlocks are vastly superior to airlocks in every way. Liquidlocks are 100% effective, not letting any gas through, dupes can move through them quickly and they take very little effort to build. So, even if airlocks are made better than they are now, they're still not likely to beat liquidlocks. I'm not sure what a good solution would be but I definitely think it should be addressed.
  13. Whenever I'm playing, I try to use whatever material is on hand. If there's lots of Sandstone, I build with sandstone. If I'm in an area with a lot of granite, I build with granite, obsidian with obsidian etc. It's always annoying when I forget I have Sandstone selected and my dupes run all the way back to my base to grab some when they could have just used the obsidian right next to them to build that ladder. So, I think a 'nearest available' option alongside the material selection would be wonderful. The dupes would literally grab whatever is lying around close by to build whatever they were told to build.
  14. I've watched 6 videos so far and there's just so much information to absorb. I feel like I'm going to be studying this for weeks before I can finally commit it all to memory. At least by the time I'm done, I'll have earned by PhD in ONI! lol
  15. I definitely like new Wortox better. Old Wortox looks old. I'm not a fan of the sunken eyes that makes his head look like a red-ish skull. New Wortox has that innocent 'cute' look that I think works better overall. Just my 2 cents.
  16. I personally feel the Trade Inn has become obsolete. The 9 commons are now more valuable as spool than they are as a random classy item, which is what you're going to get most of the time. And this trend holds true going all the way up to distinguished. The 9 items you need to combine are almost always going to be more valuable as spool than the 1 item you get as a result of the Trade Inn. This is just my opinion of course. As for strategy, that's going to vary from person to person. I myself unravel almost everything I get. Some people only unravel duplicates and some unravel literally everything. It's less strategy and more preference. In the Wardrobe, I have one outfit I really like that I use for all of my characters and I unravel the rest. There's an argument to be made for a different outfit for every character or a different outfit for only the characters you regularly play. My personal philosophy is anything my characters aren't wearing is better off as spool. In my Belongings, I keep all of these skins and unravel the duplicates. If you're not too particular, you can simply keep your favorites for any one kind of item and unravel the rest. For example, keeping your favorite backpack skin and getting rid of the others you don't use. Like, I finally got an elegant backpack skin (the Back Bat) and until I find other elegant versions, will never likely craft any other version of the backpack myself, but I like to keep all of these that I find regardless. Maybe I'll play with someone that wants a more traditional look and I have the skin they like. Emotes and Emoticons, I get rid of every single one of them. I never use them in game and the way I figure it, the emotes that are available to everyone already are plenty as it is. Portrait Frames and portrait Icons, I again get rid of them all. I have a nice collection of Loyal versions of both that can't be unraveled and they look great anyway, so I simply use them and unravel the rest. Vignettes I'm kind of up in the air about. At the moment, I'm keeping them all and unraveling the duplicates but I've been entertaining the idea of unraveling the ones I don't use, which is a fair few. For the moment, I'm going to keep them but if it comes down to me needing more spool to weave something I actually want, I won't hesitate to get rid of them. The only other exceptions I'm making right now is I'm keeping every elegant I find (unraveling or selling the duplicates). So for instance, I have an elegant skin for Wes even though I never play him. Again, if it comes down to me needing spool for something I want though, I won't hesitate to get rid of any skins that never see play, such as that Wes skin in order to get the spools I need. That's just my take on it though, everyone's different. You do you.
  17. Yup, just reread the original post and it's right there, clear as day. Well, looks like I'll be checking back in a month. lol
  18. I've watched for over an hour and no drop yet. Either it hasn't gone live yet or they're doing 2 weeks for the Snowball Juggler. I'll keep tabs on things here though and see if a new drop goes live in the next few hours.
  19. I never remember to take screenshots but I got my first elegant a few days ago and it was the Back Bat. First elegant backpack skin ever, so I was stoked! I'm kind of hoping to get a few of the others though, I'd love a Catcoon Carryall. lol
  20. I think there's been a lot of valid points made throughout the thread. I agree that Wes as it stands isn't even a 'difficult' character in any meaningful or relevant way. I also agree that when it comes to DST especially, a 'challenge' character is somewhat out of place for a multiplayer oriented version of the game. I also see valid arguments for both making him a viable teammate as well as making him an actual challenging character. This upcoming character rework is the best opportunity for Klei to take Wes in either of those directions and I'm very much looking forward for what they have in store for him.
  21. Looks amazing! Side-topic question though, are the encore streams for the older Twitch drops officially over now?
  22. Yeah, after thinking about it, I'm wondering if Winona's change is a bit of an over-correction for her 'weakness'. Because I have to agree with others in the thread, she practically doesn't have one at this point. That being said now though, for the people suggesting that her generators should have an emergency mode or that the spotlights should only work and therefore drain power at nighttime, I only have this to say. The inefficient drawback of her generators is about the only 'weakness' her character has now, if you can call a minor inconvenience unique to her character a weakness. It's about the only thing that keeps her from being 'the' perfect character, at least until the further character reworks. If she were to receive even more QoL changes at this point, she'd just simply be too good, if she's not already. I have hopes that she gets further fine-tuned, which doesn't always mean getting buffed.
  23. Amazing QoL changes so soon after the update. Just incredible! This is exactly what was needed and more!
  24. I'm not sure this is a bug so I'm hesitant to put it in the bug forums. However, I just tried logging in and I noticed I didn't get my Daily item for today. Should I have or has it just not refreshed to the new daily drop yet?
  25. I missed that in the announcement thread. Thanks for the info!