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  1. I finally got my salt shaker skin! I was so sad I missed it last year and I was really hoping it'd go back up on Twitch this year. And while it's not on Twitch, having it as redeemable reward for 1200 points is a great compromise, especially since they're giving everyone that clicks the link 1200 points anyway! It's the first time I've ever even spent any of my points that I've been saving and now everyone that missed it like me has another chance to claim their salt shaker skin!
  2. I've shared similar feedback. My idea was to make it a weekly reward thing. For example, every week, you get a set amount of points every 2 hours you watch a stream for the first 6 hours, allowing people to get some amount of reward points every week. Then just have the reward points reset the same time in game drops reset, which is to say, every Thursday. And of course, this reward system could be tweaked to their liking. Maybe instead of points every 2 hours of watching a stream up to three times, you get a smaller amount of points but get them every 30 minutes. This way they could give out the same amount of points overall, just in smaller amounts more frequently. That way, people that don't have much spare time can still enjoy their favorite streams and earn a small amount of points in shorter, smaller bursts. Whatever they decided to do, I think it would be a great way to promote the reward system as well as give players more incentive to interact with the Don't Starve community more frequently overall.
  3. Not sure if this link worked for me. I click the link and it says Congratulations! I found a valid reward link in the wild. It's the same message I got for the link in the Walter and Woby page (which I know for a fact worked). However, when I click the Walter link again, it tells me that I've already redeemed that reward and cannot do so again. However, when I click this link, it just repeats the same 'Congratulations' page. I have no idea how many spools I had prior to clicking, so I'm not entirely sure if I've actually received the reward or not.
  4. Yeah, after thinking about it, I'm wondering if Winona's change is a bit of an over-correction for her 'weakness'. Because I have to agree with others in the thread, she practically doesn't have one at this point. That being said now though, for the people suggesting that her generators should have an emergency mode or that the spotlights should only work and therefore drain power at nighttime, I only have this to say. The inefficient drawback of her generators is about the only 'weakness' her character has now, if you can call a minor inconvenience unique to her character a weakness. It's about the only thing that keeps her from being 'the' perfect character, at least until the further character reworks. If she were to receive even more QoL changes at this point, she'd just simply be too good, if she's not already. I have hopes that she gets further fine-tuned, which doesn't always mean getting buffed.
  5. Amazing QoL changes so soon after the update. Just incredible! This is exactly what was needed and more!
  6. I wish I had checked this thread earlier. I just wove together the Winged Brazier and now I find out I had 2 more weeks for a chance to get one from a chest.
  7. I'm curious. I know the event ends on the 1st of next month, which also just happens to land on a Thursday which is when the gifts reset. I'm curious, if we play on the 1st, will it be one last chance to get the spring chests or will the event officially be over by then? I'm guessing it'll be over and there's a few things I'm missing and I haven't gotten lucky at all with my chests. I'm wondering if I should weave the things I'm missing now with spools or will I have one last chance at getting lucky with chests.
  8. I too am having this issue. Prior to today's update, I have been using console commands without issue. After the winter update, they aren't registering at all.