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  1. I usually get that message when I play the smith run, so yeah.
  2. So replaying the "not to be player right now" smith mode, it looks like
  3. I'm impressed with this one. Makes me think of Sam Keith's paintings/.
  4. Kra'deshi might be children of Hesh. Since Hesh is a jellyfish eldergod, the "moxie" elements of Smith might be a religious element from Hesh.
  5. I hope the devs add a fourth character later. Would love to see either a Jake or one of those wolf-people explored. Maybe even explore more history of the past.
  6. I'm confused too. They share a similar look to the Oshnu.
  7. The next quest is on the top but the added bar has halted progress.
  8. I remember watching Homestar Runner when I was younger and they said "crap" all the time on that web series.
  9. (in response to your pfp)
    Aw come on, Summer isn't that hot, riiiiiight? it's just "warm"!

    p.s. my favorite season is summer, sorry~ 

    1. minespatch


      I can't wear my favorite clothes in the summer. It's really hot in North Carolina.

  10. *rule63 34 is porn in general. damn.
  11. Looks like a tattoo design you could put on a person. Interesting body shape too.
  12. This might be better to place at art and lore, but nice work! Shame they don;t have a account.