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    15 minutes ago, JoeW said:

    Normally, this is not something I would chime in on. Generally, I try to avoid dipping my hand into community arguments. But here I go. 

    First, I must say - if you don't want to get involved with a game that will evolve though community feedback, you should likely stay away from anything in early access, and steer away from us at least until a full release. We do everything through community feedback. There are a lot of reasons for this, but the main reason being.... 

    Second. We don't don't do ANYTHING because it's "the right way". I want this to be VERY clear. From day one when I became an employee at Klei Entertainment I was told "Don't do something because it's the way 'it's supposed to be done', do it because YOU think it's the way it 'should be done'. Then test it, adjust and learn from that". I can't stress this enough, this is part of our core DNA at Klei. There are some things that we have learned to count on though time but generally speaking, this is how we operate. 

    When we make a game, we set out to do something, and then we adjust as we move forward. Every game we have made since starting Mark of the Ninja has been a drastically different game than what we initially set out to create. The majority of this is due to testing our own assumptions and then in adding and adjusting to that through community feedback. But I think there can often be some misunderstanding on how player feedback changes the game.

    When start a project, we set out to create an experience we want to give people. Sometimes we learn that the way we're going about creating those experiences needs to be adjusted. Sometimes we learn that the experience we are aiming for is incorrect entirely. Sometimes we find out that we're on the right path, but perhaps the path doesn't go where we intended it to. The players and their feedback tell us how we're doing at reaching those goals and inform us on what we need to do to adjust if we're not quite there. 

    But "listening to player feedback" does NOT mean implementing things people often ask for. Simply put, player feedback tells us when we are and are not hitting the mark as we move ahead, or even sometimes to take a few steps back.

    I can't speak for everybody in this case, but I would venture to guess that there aren't many people working at Klei that want to do things 'by the book'. It's simply not how we operate. 

    At some point a project takes on its own life. The path is much more clear and player feedback helps us keep things in line with what it has become and we move forward. Everything adjusts, until we're done. I guess the TL;DR is that we build a game with our community, but ultimately it's up to us to decide where that lands in the end. 

    That being said. Nobody should be on these forums telling anybody else whose opinions are valid and whose are not. If somebody has an opinion and they are being polite and constructive, then their opinion is something we want to be exposed to. But when you get mired up in bickering and arguing all it does is create noise. 

    Finally, you don't need to pick each others arguments apart, let us deal with that. Discuss it, of course - but don't assume that we're taking anybody's suggestions whole cloth. We're not always going to do exactly what you personally agree with, but we're always going to do the thing we think is right, and if we're wrong. We'll adjust. That's what we do


    I feel bad that I'm reading this with Richard Epcar's voice in my head since I'm almost done watching Hajime no Ippo. Great feedback but man, that voice in my head. :wilson_laugh: