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  1. 5 hours ago, Xenologist said:

    Hey Spatchy, think you can draw a skelespatuladork?

    Later today.5b9a06248d2f2_ArielDorkface.png.2ec8db452db594a954ed458d6fdbb5c6.png

    1. minespatch


      12 hours ago, Axelocke said:

      I've wanted to start doing this with you folks, because I believe it would not only help improve my mediocre digital art, but it also gives me a chance to connect with the community! :wilson_love:

      Here's my little salad baby, staring into a hot spring. In case I don't get another chance to finish it! 



      You might want to tweak the stonefruit tree and the moon... Unless the blurryness was done on purpose.