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  1. 1 minute ago, __IvoCZE__ said:

    Why do I have the feeling this meme is made from hentai?

    Cool Headed Maxwell. He loves beating up on his employer Wolfgang.

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    2. Canis


      You literally sent me a picture of a bikini-wearing anime girl on her back with a camel toe, I am 99% sure that is, by definition, hentai, regardless of source material.


      Disclaimer, if you look this up and don't like what you see, I'm not liable.


    3. __IvoCZE__


      *breathes in*

      B O I

      Canis, you lewded walani.

      You lost all your rights to criticize hentai.

    4. minespatch


      Canis is just very emotional.:wilson_sneaky: