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  1. On 8/8/2019 at 11:30 AM, NSAiswatchingus said:

    The El Paso's shooter's father has connections to MKultra and lived near Epstein's Zorro Ranch. The posts detailing these connections are being manually scrubbed from reddit by top reddit admins. It's not the first time a mass shooter's parent has been involved with shady psychiatric practices either. 

    Epstein committed "suicide" today.5bfe2c4bc698b_Arielthoncdiscord.png.5510791e124c2132fa82ba92b8d32585.png

    1. NSAiswatchingus


      Oh man! I am LIVID this morning. He's been on Suicide watch for like a month. There's no way  he could have hung himself without it being allowed to happen. I'm only hoping Epstein said a lot before he got shut up. That or he said EVERYTHING and his "suicide" is part of another sweet heart deal to get him out of prison. We need to be watching Ghislaine Maxwell VERY closely. She may be the last canary we can get to sing. If this case goes no where then pedophiles, rapists, and child traffickers walk free while the entire operation keeps going. Expect another mass shooting this week to clear the Epstein headlines out too.