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  1. latest?cb=20181022213911If Hamlet existed before Hallowed Nights was a thing, this could've been Wolfgang's costume.:wilson_ecstatic:

    1. TurtleKitty


      There is still hope. 

      Wickerbottom - Thunderbird 
      Wilson - The Herald of The Aporkalpyse
      WX78 - The Living Suit
      Wormwood - Resurrection Flower 
      Wes - Peagawk 
      Wigfrid - Royal Guard Pig / Pugalisk / Hippopotamoose
      Webber - Spider Monkey 
      Wendy - Lotus 
      Wolfgang - Rabid Beetle
      Winona - Automaton
      Willow - Lamp / Thief Pig
      Woodie - Platapine
      Maxwell - Mayor
      Pog pet. 
      {Home Sweet Hamlet?}

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