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  1. They're thirsty. Bring them the fire-hose.
  2. They did concept art. so... Maybe,,,,,?
  3. RoT wish-list

    Wait, how'd you do that? I tried picking up the puffin I arrested, but the game wouldn't let me.
  4. image.thumb.png.0b85f4bd5ed92fa0c4069876fcec8470.png@TurtleKittyHMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM:wilson_sneaky:

  5. Wow! You disappeared when I came in. I like how both pieces are a before and after on Willow's development when she was little. They also have a different touch which suits the story they're telling.
  6. EmiAlvi's art!

    Here's the thread to post your piece. Nice work with your art! It's so organic. I think the piece is missing a crabbit,
  7. Cameo Draws Don't Starve

    Oh no, is this directed at me? Sooner or later, Willow will use a firestaff on him.
  8. Drawings and Drivel

    It'd be so cool to see a chapter from Klei where Wagstaff is cold and cynical under his cheerful demeanor.
  9. Doodles! of DS!

  10. Warehouse sketch from Philin

    @watermelen671 can relate. Thanks so much for all the art you've done of me. I had to stop posting your art in my thread since it's so overwhelmingly thankful. I hope to draw more of you in the future when I can.
  11. NightWonder7's Don't Starve Fan Art

    Kind of looks like a pulp fiction illustration. What inspired you with the background?
  12. mr. bonko's dump

    Did Willow paint that? I hope you have a Wheeler piece ready, the klei art stream thread is currently asking for them before Tuesday arrives.
  13. Imagionary's Art Hovel

    Wow, it looks like he's blushing. The background fascinates me. Looks like there's a red sheet of cloth behind him.