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  1. Doodles! of DS!

    Don't forget to post these Wheeler arts in the Klei art stream thread. I'm confused, is she fighting or romancing this pig?
  2. UndueHen's Art

    Good luck on the final product! Looks close to the trailer art.
  3. Wes-a-week™

    You could also coincide with the klei art stream challenge if you can, thanks for returning! It's so nice to see you again. The shading is very interesting on this one.
  4. Dont Starve fanarts

    Looks like jean pants from what I see.
  5. Don't Starve drawings i made

    Wow! What a portfolio! You given quite the round of themes and poses for all these characters. Congrats for posting here.
  6. silly drawings i make

    Is that a shipwrecked drawing?
  7. EmiAlvi's art!

    Shame you missed out on last week's challenge. This week, klei is doing the Wheeler challenge, so you might want to try her out before Tuesday. I love the shading you did on this piece! Nice work on his arms too. Reminds me of Milt Kahl's wrist technique.
  8. mutant suggestion: Uni-corn

    What a hilarious turn of events for our carnivore. Maybe use some voltgoat mechanics?
  9. His description for the rocks: "I thought it was a monster but it was just a rock".
  10. silly drawings i make

    I'm guessing the second image was a response to the Hondious piece. Nice touch with the growing beard on the second piece.
  11. image.png.233a839bf86fcaab402f4c3c275bb6aa.pngMy mother finally got her tombstone. Big thanks to my uncle for getting us the funds.:wilson_smile:

  12. Screenshot showcase

    Gizmo and Maxwell's lumberjack are trying to catch up with the raft.