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  1. Icon-Poster-Framed.jpg

    Before I sleep, didn't realize Klei was selling a poster of their inventory.

    1. DragonMage156


      It's probably outdated now but yes >u<

  2. Klei is the tsundere.
  3. With some help of debugging, you too can be the guiding light to the island. Quick comic for noobs: First of all, the host must die if this is a endless server. If not, making sure to find the island before continuing this. Even better if this is a endless server, your ghost can float over water to get to the island. Debugging shortcut: c_gonext("moon_fissure") Craft a lazy forager at both the postern and your moon base. Now your friends won't have to waste time.
  4. Costume Collection

    I thought beefalo would be better to match his lore. Though as for Winona as a Grass gekko, no idea.
  5. Particularly this quote.
  6. Dumb little poll

    As for me:
  7. I didn't vote Wx due to him just seeming like a poser who just uses the word "Evil" like he has some form of tourettes.
  8. I can successfully grab a puffin by a fishingnet but they imediately leave. If I put them to sleep with panpipes, I can't put them up. I was hoping on trying to put a puffin in a birdcage on a boat, but it doesn't seem to be the case.
  9. Showcase for Boats

    Kitty gives me a jumpscare, I help @Raspberry Shake get a moth, @Dorozco joins as Wortox, we have a skeledork-cap party.
  10. I think the new mutant critters mechanic should work is round them up, wait for them to poop seeds and either plant the seeds on normal land for no critter or on lunar land for more critters. Works like in ONI.