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  1. image.png.6bafca24644a5986022d20c87ff88a22.png@Atsumame@ansuman

    The doraemon and Gegege no Kitaro crossover I always wanted. No we just need Yo-kai watch.:wilson_sneaky:

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    2. Atsumame


      Oh right, my bad. This is even more impressive then. 

      Because Backbeard (and gegege) was extremely obscure pre 2018.

      Also holy ****, Somebody else in the world know about the car!

    3. TurtleKitty


      I feel sorry for the truck. Yeowch.

    4. minespatch


      You can ask @Ambarina about Gegege Kitaro. she introduced me a decade ago back in High school I loved what I saw the 50's intro, reminding me of my childhood watching so many Casper cartoons. Would love a English dub of the 1950's cartoon to be honest. It looks so cute.

      Would also love a dub for Anpanman. Baikinman's so funny, would love to hear a Boris Badinov voice out of him.