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  1. [Minespatch] Catawampus cartoon corner

    As mentioned in my Apophenia thread, I'll post the comics with text now. Just a lil' worried about the political aspects but my father said he's trying to be on the fence with his politics when it comes to the comic. My ex-boss was talking on his phone while I was waiting for his orders. He nitpicked the foreshortening on the leg and acted like I didn't know what foreshortening was. I just did this to relax but oh well. Seigfried's wives, the Rhine Maidens. Woglinde, Flosshilde, and Wellgunde. He married them as a promise in his teenagehood after he slayed Fafnir. Despite the promise, he married Brunhilde, and after Brunhilde killed him, they brought Seigfried to Odin so his corpse could be revived. In the League, they act as his bodyguards and secretaries.
  2. [Minespatch] Apophenia Art

    I won't have enough time to work on artistcrab's reply tonight so here's what I worked on today.
  3. i think that this is art

    Nice! I love the silhouettes! I can tell who they are and it feels like a interesting preview.
  4. silly drawings i make

    I kind of wished you made the edge of the sand as soft as the end of the ocean. The softness of the ocean looks so relaxing... Even if the person in the background is having a sad predicament.
  5. The appearance of Wagstaff

    I think these eyes were worth it just to imagine Wagstaff as a pug.
  6. My youtube channel is just random songs and memes. Nothing about theories. I just wanted to make a engaging thread out of curiosity since Wagstaff seems to glitch.
  7. If anyone can post their images of Wagstaff as he gets distorted, I'd like to see them. I have a theory but I need citations to prove my hypothesis.
  8. Book Club

    I plan on getting Bakuman vol 6 next... Or Bone vol 4- Depends on when and if I get some money. I don't want to badger my father for items all the time. He's so kind to me. I really need to update my wishlist on my catawampus page.
  9. What if Winnie comes?

    I'd love that lunacy makes Wigfrid give into her different roles she played. I hope that's in her next update.
  10. Bluegeist's Fanart

    What is your Constant-persona?
  11. Doodles! of DS!

    I don't mind the anatomy. It's supposed to be over the top on purpose. Why is she boozed up? Who's this German lady? Looks like a German CuteyHoney.