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  1. [Game Update] - 327257

    She probably came from GAT for all we know.
  2. [Game Update] - 327257

    I wish I had a hi-res version of this card...
  3. I don't visit the Suggestions side of the forums so thanks for pming during the stream. @watermelen671 mind posting those job related outfits? The first suggestion matches what has been in the files.
  4. Sounds like a home-made version of the neuralizer.
  5. Hats don't stick?

    I'm torn on the change. I liked that the hats were my bookmark for their skills. Also, why did the high priority wrench get removed?
  6. The atomic art of Pop Guy

    Wish there was a "wow" react on these forums. Out of curiosity, have you read the comic "Cadillac s and Dinosaurs"?
  7. That's what the King phone games do. It's what inspired me.
  8. Mentos's Little Art Wonderland

    Your animations are getting better. Keep up the good work.
  9. My biggest problem is that I can't put my dupes on the Triage anymore and the bed requires a syringe. I really prefer just letting my dupe have a break and rest while the others work so they can work again.
  10. The Art Wasteland of a faceache

    Never even heard of that show before.
  11. I asked a friend for a clear look of the voltgoat there. IT's so cute to see it fuzzy.
  12. Ten Thousand Hours of Art

    Wait a sec, Donke. This wasn't by Half-rose. So I guess this won't be used for worldbuilding in your comic?
  13. Like I said, this feels like a fantasy rpg now. So I suppose I just have to work with what you're saying. Still a little grumpy that I now have to use focus on the berry blossoms for my doctor setup. Thanks guys.