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  1. 7 hours ago, Just Another Webber said:

    24) Green and Orange Gems seem to be prone to Nightmare Fuel (Green Gem- "The nightmare fuel will unlock its true potential.", Orange Gem- "This will be quite powerful with some fuel."), How funny, considering these are gems in the ruins. And the Desert Stones are claimed to be "An impure orange gem.". Could this mean that the lack of fuel it has received from being with the Antlion made it this way? And also, how did the Antlion get an orange gem? Aren't they from the Ruins?

    More inspiration fuel for skeledork's reason for walking and moving around. Perhaps the nightmare fuel and green gems have something to do with the skeleton constantly moving?

    ariel finds a assist tool.pngancient skellydork.png

    Green is my favorite color and if green is the motif of Nightmare fuel, it could have a double meaning.

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