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  1. Three things I wanted to post so I don't spam more statuses:

    1. I put a hold on "Mommy I'm a zombie" and "South Park the movie" at my local Dollar Tree. Buying these for a dollar each is quite a steal! Even though it's a sequel, I'll get the original later, but I've never seen Mommy I'm a zombie before.
    2. Just reread my church hymn "I'm a pilgrim I'm a stranger" and realized how Don't Starve the song is. My church on each coast never played it but I liked how it felt less religious and more like a adventure story. Doesn't even mention Jesus. I hope Tom Waits does a cover in the future.
    3. There's a idea for a future drawing I don't want to do, so you guys can take it: Maxwell wakes up to find he's in Wickerbottom's clothing.
      I wish I could unsee that idea to be honest.ariel cringe.png
    1. DragonMage156


      That third one sounds hilarious XD Did they get drunk the previous night? :p

    2. minespatch


      I imagine it as another one of Charlie's pranks on the old man. :wilson_ecstatic:

      Got the idea due to Wickerbottom and Maxwell having similar lips.