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  1. Why do I get the feeling these recent influx of X-box 1 players commenting on X-box1 threads are the same people...?

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    2. minespatch




      We would have to analyse Ariel's backstory first. Draw from her name too: Ariel from "The Tempest", I take it? Because this opens up a bunch of possibilities, starting with the fact she may have longed for freedom like Ariel. What if she suffered from some illness affecting her soft tissue? I can see THEM offering "a way to never suffer the flesh again"... Hey, maybe she was worried about her weight. I'd have to see the skeleton to say if obesity is an option since it deforms the bones to an extent, but if not, anorexia could be your other option.

      Funny you should mention that... arielgoesheh.pngPutting on a tempest play.png

      So yeah, the thought did come to mind. My grandfather was a doctor and I do own a medical skeleton. Never thought about weight issues to be honest.



      Ariel reminds me a lot of Grell from Black Butler...

      Completely unintentional. I've watched the show and read the first volume but nah. I don't want to sexually harass anyone. Especially MAXWELL.

      ariel concerned.png

    3. Arlesienne


      Maxy #ForeverAlone

      And the pic is gorgeous. Love Ariel's costume. And Caliban.

    4. minespatch


      I'm fine with William Carter, it's the other guy I have a problem with. :wilson_ecstatic: