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  1. An Arthread 2.0

    Wow! Wickerbottom managed to craft a watering can from a leaky teacup. Wendy going hardcore on a butterfly.
  2. Warehouse sketch from Philin

    Who compiles the art together? It looks all seamless. So... Ancient Herald purchased from the Saleskrampus? Who decides the themes?
  3. BiliBili Lass 22 by DST map

    Very impressive! How did you manage to build the world like that?
  4. The Queen's Trader

  5. SAM_5312.thumb.JPG.5888dcc5015c7962251978d288608554.JPG

    Today I went to a pirate adventure.


    There were vampirates.


    Made a quick way back to Knotts to take a photo of the Catawampus.

    1. minespatch


      Not really, Catawampus is a slang for "awkward".

    2. DragonMage156


      So... Minespatch's Awkward Art Corner? XD

    3. minespatch


      Pretty much.


      catawampus[ kat-uh-wom-puh s ]Chiefly Midland and Southern U.S.

      adjective askew; awry. positioned diagonally; cater-cornered.

      adverb diagonally; obliquely: We took a shortcut and walked catawampus across the field.


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  6. @PeterA mentioned that when he was introduced.
  7. I didn't expect the new poster.
  8. Why can't Wormwood be pointetta themed for Snowfallen?
  9. I'm torn on Maxwell being Dracula or a puppet for the metaphor. If he's a puppet, they need to reference Billy from Saw with the swirly cheeks. Klaus for Wortox's second costume would be fine, but for the other Halloween costume, I'd love him to be a priest(especially if there's a strawhat and Chest skins for fedora and suitcase to reference the exorcist).
  10. Wait... Who's the new girl on 11 as well?
  11. SAM_5245.thumb.JPG.4edd93eadbd44cd8514046d2bc2e15d7.JPG

    Today was busy. Went to a Halloween Haunt and enjoyed some other spooky stuff today.


    Haven't been to the Halloween Club in a decade. They moved locations, so it wasn't as spectacular as I remembered.


    My Jack Skellington sippie cup got to enjoy El Polo Loco.


    Got to see my ancient relative at Liberty Hall. He was a signer on the declaration of Independance.


    This might be the last year of the Hanging. This year was just as fun as previous shows.


    There was a portrait of a merm for sale there.


    All in all, I had a fun time though...


    This happened yesterday and today.

    1. thomas4845


      little mask was cute

    2. minespatch


      On 3/19/2019 at 9:19 AM, Russian Philin said:


      It is not all the people I consider friends (well, if you don't mind).

      Therefore, I will still draw such pictures.IMG_20190318_212938.thumb.jpg.7744dd1dc609fb2fe41f6c3eba1797f6.jpg



      We'll just say we went to Guardians of the galaxy in this "photo"


      I didn't get to see the Mayor's license plate due to the parade going too face.:wilsondisapproving:

  12. image.thumb.png.26d262eab151d8c95d608a55e1a2a022.pngI have the schwartz...

  13. image.thumb.png.4d82db69e551c068b6c6522dd98a8206.png

    It became a reality:


    72483850_397685097834811_428471691846143Jack:(seeing my Hallowed Nights bag) IT HAS A FACE

    1. minespatch


      Can't help it, I'm in another state. IT's a family reunion.

    2. DragonMage156


      Maybe they didn't want to confuse your skeleton face with Jack's ^^;

    3. minespatch


      Nope, park policy. You're not supposed to wear masks in the parks.

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  14. image.png.7eb1f6d4239ea944b2943324f96878a3.pngWent to Disneyland California adventure last night, going to disneyland today.


    At midnight, we went to Ihop for a Uncle Fester shake.

    1. galaxybread


      I see you made it with them XD and I also commented on your's and mobstar's mod UwU  i'm Confusing Woof

    2. minespatch


      PEople who like dragons are called "Scallies".

    3. DragonMage156


      I added you >u<

      I thought people with reptilian fursonas were scalies.

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  15. Whoa! New trailers on one day!? You're spoiling us Klei! Wait, what's going on with update bot?!