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  1. Alchemy Engine Skin Concept

    No, I mean you have the Pirate hat one, the pig one... There's one in every dlc.
  2. Are these previews for a future update?
  3. @watermelen671 look at the youtube video description.
  4. Alchemy Engine Skin Concept

    I know, you can also do that in single player too. Oh well.
  5. Question: Why were the skins released early? I thought these would be released on Valentines to celebrate the holiday, just curious.
  6. I'd love a bag of dupe erasers. It'd be easy to reproduce and I image there could be a bind bag aspect if they have like five dupes per bag. That way you can trade them with friends and use them to erase work if you want. Don't even need to paint them, just need to make a eraser shaped like meep, stinky, and etc and you have a product.
  7. Like this image. People wonder why I'm terrified of him-
  8. I'd love that and would support my NPC Maxwell theory.
  9. lena's fanart momentz

    Have you watched Panty and Stockings? Love the stance, Chester looks spunky. Gajinka Glommer looks shy. You managed to maintain the cuteness. Wilba's energy is fun to see. She really wants to cheer up Wurt. So her eyelashes have a shine to them? I like this pose. Quiet and subtle. Were you inspired by Peanuts? Can you do a sequel where BERNIE looms over her in his giant form?
  10. Stinky flopping in relaxation to the new Klei music, Jouste pronounces, and blindfold business duck,. From @toki-dokke's live stream. Creativity kit mouse with satyr playing with cash, Willow with wilsonmellon, and dragonmage's suspicious cat. Stinky realizes his laptop is a Fisher Price toy, @jambell napping, and @rrags napping. LEt's doodle all the devs napping. Skanatortilla inked. Sorry for the wait.
  11. " clapping-emoji The Dupehop Community " What?
  12. 56 minutes ago, albrechtmyers said:

    Hello everybody. are there any people here who can draw a signature? :)

     Wait, why are you asking this on a art thread? What do you need?

  13. What about the blood sacrifice though...? Is it because he's Virgin?
  14. Warehouse sketch from Philin

    We're partnering skins. Love the green horns. Contrasts from the primarily red horns from the original boss.
  15. Alchemy Engine Skin Concept

    That should actually be a skin for the https://dontstarve.fandom.com/wiki/Prestihatitator . Reason is there's a alchemy machine skin and I'd love to see a skin for that magic tab device.
  16. Boss Concept Idea/Sketch

    These look awesome! Props if you make these armors with moon turf.
  17. I could see these being crafted in Oxygen Not Included.
  18. i think that this is art

    That's a adorable moment.
  19. I would love it in the game. Would look nice with the birdcage and other valentine skins.
  20. I like to theorize that there's a faustian element to the Constant. They want wishes to power their throne.
  21. @Raven Crow Kind of wished Shipwrecked used this as the theme but the theme they did release was nice. I'm so happy to hear Emmet's take on the Log Driver Waltz without the soundeffects.
  22. I like the image of the next short but I really prefer the images they released where characters are in silhouette. Gives way more speculation for people to work on.