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  1. image.png.b0c51cec93ef8843d33623ef3abdfaca.pngStats of my father.

    1. crystal_clodet


      they changed how the choosing dupe screen works?

      h-husbandry? i dont know what that word means but im taking it for husband stuff

      your dad sounds like a nice man

    2. minespatch


      Husbandry is basically farming.


      Yeah, stuff above applies is ranching for his love of animals, grease monkey for his love of cars and mechanics, and being a loud sleeper.:wilson_ecstatic:

  2. Can't save progress?

    Welcome to the forums, Nick! Hope you have fun.
  3. My first Don't Starve Drawings! :)

    Thanks for typing "you'll post more", have a nice stay on the forums. The Wigfrid piece is a tad better than the Wilson piece.
  4. I don't mind the wait, more time until more art references pile on me.
  5. DST Forum Banner

    Please tell me you're joking...
  6. Would you describe those as tendrils or gothic flairs?
  7. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

  8. Dragon Quest Together


  9. @watermelen671 sorry for another request but I'd like one or two animations of the floaty boaty knight, please? The wiki doesn't show their hat opening and I'd also like to see their cannon animation.
  10. So far there's a first person mod already but the vr mod will be even more involved if using that mod as a basis. It would be cool though in agreement.
  11. [Game Update] - 351503

    People get really involved with this game.
  12. Is Wagstaff Evil? Theory video

    I think it's more domination. Destruction seems like it wouldn't be beneficial for him. I can't believe I haven't subscribed to you sooner, looking forward to further theories and lore videos. If I could request anything, can you debunk people's perception of Wilba? They keep thinking she's a spoiled brat instead of a daughter rebelling against her mother.
  13. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

  14. You could doodle Warly art to fill the void...?
  15. Don't Art (Magicphobic)

    Prostate exam.
  16. What the heck Shenmue 3???

  17. Brine, how do I farrm?

    Mine came from a care package, hence why I made this thread. Thanks so much for being simple with your answers. The oni side of the forums tends to get a bit complex for me.
  18. Brine, how do I farrm?

    How do I get the salt water? Do I have to find the crabs or do I start with farming my pincha salt plants?
  19. That first piece has great lighting and shading. Did you do these on ms paint?
  20. Oolo's a character?
  21. Dont Starve fanarts

    Different but a pleasant look. Nice work with the shading!