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  2. So Smith will be released in coincidence with Steam?
  3. You could play some chill music to accompany that image.
  4. The soundtrack is missing a Jouste cover of Ragtime part of the show.

    -grumbles in Hot LAva-

    1. DragonMage156


      Maybe it's because Hot Lava isn't officially released yet??

      On another note, I saw so many nostalgic PS1 titles (Gex, Croc, Toy Story, Ape Escape. These were my childhood ;u; (beside the more major Spyro ofcourse).

      I guess I'll always like 3D platforming. Wait, isn't Portal considered a 3D platformer as well?

    2. minespatch


      Tell that to Arlo. :wilson_ecstatic:

    3. DragonMage156
  6. Please Klei, especially if you reference the gramaphone as well.
  7. Even though I made my own, I'd love Klei to make a manufactured Hallowed Nights candy bag.
  8. Bruhmoment23's art thread

    Is that a Wagstaff golem?? Batbat skin? Very cute backpack design.Would love that in the Klei store.
  9. Thank Melen and check out the data mining thread for clear images and animation.
  10. Screenshot showcase

    Wilson makes the heart eared carrat into a god, Wilson recreates huckfinn(is there a paintbrush alternative?) and Heart carrat matching the wardrobe.
  11. Dupes have no necks???

    That's what I'm assuming. The dupes have Rayman anatomy.
  12. Please tell me this has to do with the angle...
  13. I downloaded the five hour version to check on any easter eggs they thrown in here: That's the parody of the Window's pipe screensaver. Not sure if I remember that effect. Can a dev explain the "chill" detail? The pose from the "Stay" animation. Probably Stinky's jar. "tune up" Yawn spaceship Gassymoo Calculating the skill evolving for a dupe Animation from the main menu where you have a jetpack dupe. s That one Slickster animation from Cosmic upgrade.