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  1. Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 11.40.27 PM.pngShoulder wings

    Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 11.37.39 PM.pngbutt wings.


    Gizmo with her distant cousin, the owl.

  2. [Minespatch] Catawampus cartoon corner

    More badge designs, if any of these looks appealing or have badge requests/comissions, just comment here or pm me or @toki-wartoothxx. Comissioned lineart for the comic I'll be working on for Strange Squad Studios. @toki-wartoothxx's spider queen. Did this guy's tutorial.
  3. [Minespatch] Apophenia Art

    If you haven't checked out, I made a non-ds thread for my art. I won't be as uploading as much art as I will here but it still will show my range. Here's a better redraw of this emoticon:But I'll still use the other one. I'm definitely going to get backlash on this even if I'm being silly. So yeah. I'm bad. My mac won't start up the game, so here's my reaction until I get a verdict from the devs on the bug thread. More badge designs. I'll post this in the other thread as well. Two versions due to clicking it makes it hard to see the detail. Finally my memorium piece to my mother. Father is being strong, still having a sense of humor but this week has been rough and too fast for us. I regret not having a dragonfly in this piece(her favorite insect) but the butterfly will do just due to me drawing this quickly.
  4. [Minespatch] Catawampus cartoon corner

    Just going to mass dump as much as possible: Massacre Clan doodles: Chibis, hot dog bed(based after something I saw my buddy post on facebook), and Kitty clan. Feminist Dat boy, a request. Scanned but will be colored soon. Big fan of the Korosensei Quest spinoff. My "Draw the first step and ignore the rest" tutorial drawings. Some Korosenseis. Satyr king Kambyses. Ariston's father. Johnny and Bob's kids Jordan and Milo. Hugging the giant skull plushie Mr. Smiley. One of my many progress pieces I'll be posting on my da. It's from this post. Something for the person on facebook I'm working for. Doing character designs on the side while I try to find other sources of income. Massacre clan Merdorks. Based on a concept @toki-wartoothxx's toying around with. From my father's webcomic Underbridge Internet. I did the art and such but had to shrink it down to fit the panel. Request from @toki-wartoothxx to draw Priapus. Not impressed with the throne since it was a afterthought. Camoflauge concept where the villain Sam Hein uses a children storybook to send messages to his enemies on how he will kill them. Based on another story idea I really want to toy around with called "City of Nameless/The Pedestrians". Finished Peridork Watamote piece but need to finish my father's request of Jasper the friendly ghost. Something I did for the webcomic. It's in the theater. Finally thank you card designs, one to my ex and one for sending me a heater when it was winter.
  5. trying my hand at fan-art

    Daaaw, Ivy has a new hat?
  6. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    Here. OUO;;;
  7. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    Sorry~ What is Loss, baby don't hurt me, don't hurt me, no moooore- (I submit a lot to that blog)
  8. Dexter's Comic Laboratory

    Hey, that's the Wilson version of @Bebbit 's sig.
  9. Ninjanemo's art thread thingy

    What the story behind the karate Wilson?
  10. Generic Fanart Thread Title

    Story on Maxfart? |D;;;;
  11. He tried, and that's all that mattered.
  12. Ohhh, okay, so it was Tumblr. Forgive my memory. You might also want to make a off-topic art thread so you can have more freedom to post non-ds art.
  13. Don't Starve: Resumptus

    Who's the beanpole he'- Oh, Albert's nickname for Max is Beanpole. Makes sense.
  14. His back plays Bring me to life? What else does this jutebox pupper have in his back?
  15. Geni's Random Art thread

    The tall lady is giving me real form Other Mother vibes.
  16. So if a battle between Whitford and just living under sun conditions, Whitford would flop over due to heatstroke...
  17. Dragon Mage's character mods (WIP)

    I found this by accident on google images when I was looking for Warley references.
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  19. Cassie's Blob Art

    Hey, my reaction whenever I see Maxwell... Yet not William Carter. Huh.
  20. Dragon Mage's character mods (WIP)

    I think the next best stratagy is figuring how to simplify her ligaments. There's a bunch of Don't Starve animation game sheets with all the limb breakdowns. Like this one for Willow.
  21. glitterdoodles

    Main art Responces to my art, reblogs, and crapposting edits.
  22. You people and your potato cups...