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  1. [Minespatch] Catawampus cartoon corner

    Another facebook redraw: I try to redraw all of my friend's art on that page.
  2. Art and Doodles Galore

    She looks wonderful and quaint in this piece. There's a demure touch. Nice little addition with the flower on her neck.
  3. Don't Starve: Resumptus

    Going straight for the unintentional dad jokes. What a romantic.
  4. So dapper, I can see him delicately drinking tea like the T-rex in Weird Al's Jurrasic Park.
  5. Jugum Ahartfarting garbage

    You could make a non-related thread in the off topic section.
  6. Rai's Fan Arts and Doodles

    I'm so sorry.
  7. Don't Starve Comics

    I like the dynamic you give Wilson and Wickerbottom. Reminds me of Kirk and Spock in a way due to their intelligent comradery.
  8. Extoller's Art

    The moon and it's light is a nice touch. Even the small debris of the sand.
  9. Got my wilson, awaiting my figure next week or two. Father told me to keep Wendy.

  10. [Minespatch] Catawampus cartoon corner

    Can you please spoiler that? My browser loads faster when heavy gb intensive stuff are spoilered. Thanks, bud.
  11. [Minespatch] Catawampus cartoon corner

    You mean this song?
  12. [Minespatch] Catawampus cartoon corner

    Was going to do another Animal combo game entry by mouse but I conked out. Oh well. Looking forward to unleashing my comission quest idea soon.
  13. I hope someone who needs a Wendy will show up in the trading section soon, I really want a Wilson. :wilsondisappointed:

    1. Mobbstar


      vinyl probably :p

    2. minespatch


      Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 11.47.33 AM.png


      Mobb's right. I could probably just buy that bearded wilson or use ebay, but it's hard finding a wilson toy on ebay. If somehow I luck out on getting a wilson without trading, I'll still put willow on trading nonetheless and keep the accessories(since I like the lantern).

    3. minespatch
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  14. Doeiika's (kohmba) Art

    Is that your original character?
  15. [Minespatch] Catawampus cartoon corner

    Added commission information while I work on a illustrate sheet for my commission quest.
  16. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    Time to breathe life into the power of apophenia.
  17. trying my hand at fan-art

    Wow, you're getting good fast. Great work!

    1. minespatch


      Ghostbusters. By Filmation. CR does episodes about overlooked characters.


    2. PiturcaClaudiuStef
    3. minespatch


      I highly recommend the Tales from the Crypt review.

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  19. [Minespatch] Catawampus cartoon corner

    Had to remove the hair and eyes due to the criticism so I'll be showing this and seeing what they want next for the character.
  20. trying my hand at fan-art

    Terrifying and really good. Don't feel so bad about your work, that's really good!

    Lupa makes watching Baywatch fun.

  22. trying my hand at fan-art

    Yeah, the base is square but don't be afraid to break the rules if it means it'll be more aesthetically pleasing to you. I trust your judgement.