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  1. Spoiler


    This reviewing series is just too great. It always manages to get a laugh out of me.

  2. tumblr_o6yby0L0vr1r6ja9oo1_500.gif

    1. DragonMage156
    2. minespatch


      Tumblr blog Rhade-zapan posted this. Wanted to post it.

  3. Doeiika's (kohmba) Art

    If you want a great program to study videos, use quicktime or Windows media player. They have a screenframe program that works better than VLC(but VLC is a great video player).
  4. Webber Discussions,Fanart, and other!

    Comic I did a while ago with Maxwell giving Wilson a bedtime story(spoken by Tom "What's he building in there" waits):
  5. Don't Starve Comics

    Is the Audrey-2 reference a call back to a earlier comic?
  6. Doeiika's (kohmba) Art

    That' a interesting interpretation of her. Not the same design precisely, but you can tell it's her. I also like how organic it is.
  7. On 7/11/2016 at 6:44 PM, minespatch said:

    I wasn't complaining, Mobb. Just reminds me of Joel Veitch's work:

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    On 7/11/2016 at 9:15 PM, Bebbit said:




    I probably shouldn't be so unnaffected by nightmare fuel.

  8. *Obligatory Yorrick quote here*
  9. Well, hey there! Glad to have another fan of the game on board.
  10. trying my hand at fan-art

    Can I fix your comic? I can use leveling and fonts to make it readable. Only if you say, I won't touch it if you want to keep it the way it is.
  11. Art and Doodles Galore

    Um... Please don't kill me?
  12. Rai's Fan Arts and Doodles

    I'm so sorry....
  13. Rai's Fan Arts and Doodles

    Captain hook before eaten hand or Waluigi: you make the call.
  14. [Minespatch] Apophenia Art

    Still getting around to my reply piece. I've been busy this week, so I want to get things done instead of posting archived works on my art pages on Facebook and tumblr to keep them active. (This facepalm is directed at me, not you, hope for no confusion).
  15. Doeiika's (kohmba) Art

    That eager and faithful Banette is just too adorable. S/He tries so hard. Makes me think of @Raven Crow's interpretation of Mr. Skits.
  16. Doeiika's (kohmba) Art

    Galvantula's actually kind of cute in the Ken Sugimori design but I wanted to pattern the pokemon after the Spider Queen. I actually like your choices and pallet for the pieces. The colors actually fit the characters and explain their personality.
  17. Saw that in the youtube recommended for the Survive the shadows animation. I actually saw the play Hyde in California before I moved so the song seemed reminiscent to me. Does Aileen rose have a klei account yet?
  18. Doeiika's (kohmba) Art

    Here's mine I did a while back: I love your Willow piece. She seems to be very content in her lot. Though that might be due to her new friends.
  19. Jugum Ahartfarting garbage

    I like how wide the perspective and scope is. You can feel the isolation drenching. Though the pallet you used is very imaginative. The brownish purples contrasting with bright blues gives a natural nighttime aesthetic.
  20. I hope there'll be a continuation. The animation works in its own right.