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  1. That and it can destroy your game once removing their base. I'd love to use sweepy as a auto organizer while my dupes are busy with other things.
  2. miya's ONI Art

    Nice work with the new update art! You really found your way with it.
  3. Not sure why antchovies were removed at all...
  4. Cameo Draws Don't Starve

    Looks like what would show on her license.
  5. @Kuba5565 I was hoping to reply to all the posts I liked but firefox updated and removed my cache and tabs.:wilson_facepalm:

    1. minespatch


      Holy crap, the cache didn't remove the quotes! Hopefully I'll respond soon...

    2. Kuba5565


      Don't worry about it spatch.

  6. ONI multiplayer

    Why do people want ONI multiplayer???
  7. Zee's art Thread

    Well... Teachers would be way more interesting if they had attack rulers. As a owner of a spider plush, they are really fluffy.
  8. I remember your comment on the stream. Hope this gets taken notes.
  9. My life

    You made a life size wendy???
  10. Horsey's fanfart thread '<'

    Wendy is judging grooves.
  11. Bruhmoment23's art thread

    You should do a second one referencing the first poster.Might be funny.
  12. I'd use the name Cyberta for your new character. Who enraged Wesley?
  13. You should draw her like cave woman.
  14. Mirthandir's Mirthandart

    I totally prefer that name over "singles awareness day". Do you have a instagram?
  15. i think that this is art

    Does this mean Klaus Higgsbury has a stomach mouth?
  16. That sounds like a problem.Hope they fix that before release. Would love to see Sweepy bottle the pee that dupes urinate.
  17. Due to me making my world "metal rich", materials don't matter to me much compared to metal.
  18. Rat Race Music

    Now I want to see a high speed beefalo chase where Wilson and Maxwell do firestaff shooting at each other as this music is playing.
  19. Piece I did two years ago. Buzzard from the Goon meets a buzzard, glamour Buzzard, and a ton of blindfolds. Buzzard watching Tim Hortons Fried Woodie and Vinesauce's Sponge stomping the turtledactyl.