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  1. Not sure if that'd give her a reason to betray. She'd betray her own mother first over the Survivors. She cares more for her freedom than royalty.
  2. So... Besides being organic land mines, what purpose do they serve? Will we get recipes from them in the future?
  3. Year of the Carrat 2020

    The shrine should probably be a hamsterwheel.
  4. Intrepid art

    More in his early thirties.
  5. Wx's Frederick O' Reily Big O cosplay.
  6. silly drawings i make

    I guess merms don't mind the smell. I find the color palet for this one works out on this one. Like the fruit being devoured has a glow to it,
  7. Culturally problematic?

    Wilson is old? ouo;;;; Does this mean I'm old?
  8. Character Quotes

    Brilliant/Enlightened would be perfect for Wickerbottom's teacher skin while I'd love a second set where the cast is mutated.
  9. @watermelen671 mind compiling the paddling animation?
  10. Festive/Christmas Tree Missing?

    It was earlier this year. I was surprised to see this stuff with the "YOTP" files.
  11. 3 minutes ago, Xenologist said:

    And i guess compiling memes is better than posting one at a time It's named after you because it involves taking current works and slammen em' into a single post. Like you do. almost. Every. Single. MEME. POST.

    I do stuff quickly. :wilson_sneaky:

    1. Xenologist


      How quickly, and how do you quote to statuses?

    2. minespatch


      Like a hour a meme(half hour depending on how quick to slap a image). As for quoting, quote someone in a thread, ctrl+c and highlight the comment, and then put it in a status.

  12. Bad Derpy art corner/Dump of doodles

    The red is a nice touch to imply Charlie. His death is one of the more tragic things in Don't Starve.
  13. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    I'm looking forward to Duckman playing wilba as the spunky princess he was always meant to be:
  14. Dont Starve fanarts

    How'd you make that cute background with the paper texture?
  15. How greatly do you despise pineapple on pizza

    Anchovies/sardines taste pretty good with proscuitto meat and american cheese slices.
  16. I wish there was more baked pizza with barbeque sauce. I hate thin crust but companies think that thin crust should be the only pizza with barbeque sauce...
  17. silly drawings i make

    Eric Carle presents "The jerkiest jerk Krampus". I like the brush effect on the bag.
  18. EmiAlvi's art!

    A photo of me having dinner with the door open. More Warly art is always appreciated. Wickie looks like a adventurerer, judging by those boots. Did you do these arts with markers/copics?
  19. [Game Update] - 333702