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  1. 2019 nightmare fuel thread

    Okay guys, post your own nightmare fuel here.
  2. Klei is doing that on the Hot Lava end with a paid program. They might do it later.
  3. Interesting introduction but kind of weird to humanize the scp since they're supposed to be otherworldly.
  4. 2019 nightmare fuel thread

  5. I was asking since in Don't Starve Boons are the skeletons.
  6. Wendigo's a cute look for Wortox. Lycanthrope is still in the concept art for Woodie, so that might become canon. People really want Maxwell as a Vampire.
  7. We need this to be a thing...

    "The trouble with Kiwis"
  8. I wonder which Klei dev finally got this approved by sony?
  9. Thanks for explaining.
  10. I wanted to get a ref of the mast on a ship in the game but c-met wasn't working anymore.
  11. Don't Starve Beat

    The first version was the one in the Chrome store, right?
  12. In the Don't Starve Together side, there's "Screenshot Showcase" but with ONI, a lot of the time, Dupes do things that make us feel bad for them or is just hilarious enough to be bathroom humor. Here's the thread for the most unfortunate or just silly things that have happened in your game:
  13. Unfortunate Screencaps

    Minespatch has two daddies.
  14. Count to 200 without interruption

  15. What games have you been playing?

    2017 to 19 and I FINALLY FINISHED IT!
  16. For the guys who are on edge, play a Klei game like Shank to get the edge off. Shank is fun to just watch your metaphorical anger off.
  17. Quote


    Russian fan and sad man..


    1. Russian Philin

      Russian Philin


      Are you really interested?
      In fact it seems to be a common case:


    2. minespatch


      Ah, sounds like pressures of your schooling.

    3. Russian Philin

      Russian Philin

      Well, it's not just studying. I have a lot of problems, so I'm always sad.

  18. Wurt the .....

    Wortox: That should be my subtitle, the heck?!
  19. Klezmer tends to be perfect for sailing with accordions and what not.